President Daddy's Excessive Love

President Daddy's Excessive Love

President Daddy's Excessive Love

Author:bei xiao ai



Newest:Chapter 2135 (2020-08-06 22:43)


She is framed by her stepmother, who has a one-night stand with a mysterious man and is eventually forced to leave the country. Five years later, she returns with a pair of beautiful dragon and phoenix babies! But on the day of her return to China, she had to meet the tall, cold and handsome CEO, and what shocked her even more was that the CEO and her son looked just like each other!

A photo of a cute baby unexpectedly went viral, so one day, the big president took a long step and blocked her way. "Woman, let's talk about child custody!" "No talk!" The man thuds her directly against the wall, "Okay, let's not talk about kids, let's talk about when we're going to get our marriage license!"

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