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Chapter 127 - The Weak Is Innocent

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Shi Baoyou was pulled by Qingxue to watch the embroidery she had just finished, but she was depressed and wasn’t in the mood to enjoy Qingxue’s works. She glanced at it randomly and then nodded, praising, “Qingxue, you are more and more skillful. It can be seen that you have worked with effort.”

Shi Baoning also smiled and rubbed Qingxue’s nose, saying with love, “When I heard that she talked big and wanted to make a big piece of embroidery for me, I was afraid that she couldn’t finish it as she always has a brief period of enthusiasm. Till I see it completed, I know that she really worked hard and even finished it earlier.”

Shi Qingxue stuck out her tongue and complained, as if she suffered grievance, “No matter how much I love to play, I don’t dare to be careless with your wedding gift.”

“Yes, Qingxue, you are good at embroidery. As long as you are willing to work hard, your embroidery would be unmatched,” Shi Baoyou echoed absently, and the anxiety was shown on her face automatically.

Shi Qingxue immediately found something wrong with Shi Baoyou, and her smile faded. “Baoyou, is there anything troubling you?”

“No, nothing,” Shi Baoyou denied subconsciously, but her faltering voice expressed the opposite meaning.

Shi Baoning grabbed Baoyou’s hand and comforted her softly, “We are cousins. Just tell us what bothers you. Maybe we can help you.”

Shi Baoyou forced a smile but peeped at Shi Qingxue.

Shi Qingxue noticed that and suddenly realized. “Baoyou, do you want to talk about Baojin?”

Shi Baoyou was seen through at a glance and looked awkward, but she still gritted her teeth and nodded. “Yes. After all, she is my sister. Now she is suffering in prison alone and has nobody to rely on. I…”

“She deserves it,” Shi Qingxue responded indifferently, with no sympathy on her face. Obviously, she never considered saving Shi Baojin.

Shi Baoyou was embarrassed and bit her lower lip subconsciously, which almost bled. Then she smiled bitterly and said, “You are right, but we are human and have feelings. I can’t bear to see my sister suffer!”

While speaking, Shi Baoyou knelt in front of Qingxue, with determination on her face, and begged, “Qingxue, I know Baojin offended you and no matter how many times I apologize to you, it won’t make it up. I don’t ask you to forgive her, but I hope you can let her go for the sake of your kinship.”

Shi Qingxue wanted to say that she had no so-called kinship with Shi Baojin since long ago, but Shi Baoyou knelt to her despite of her older age. Even though she hated Shi Baojin to the bone, she started to struggle in her heart.

Moreover, Shi Baoyou added, “Please put the blame on me. I am willing to be punished for her. I will bear it even if you beat or curse me, but Baojin, she has an innocent baby in her belly. Please pardon her for the baby’s sake…”

She tried to move Qingxue with emotions and reasons.

No matter how hard-hearted Shi Qingxue was, the words “be punished for her” and the baby could soften her heart.

Shi Baoning watched that and frowned, too, sighing. “As Baoyou said, no matter how many mistakes Baojin has made, the baby is innocent. It would be too cruel to make a baby take the blame. Qingxue, you…”

“I…” Shi Qingxue was unable to speak a word for a second.

She certainly didn’t want to get the innocent involved, but Shi Baojin had hurt her so many times. She was reluctant to let it pass. However, Shi Baoyou begged her sadly and even Shi Baoning advised her. It seemed that if she disagreed, she would be the unreasonable one. But who knew that she was the most innocent victim?

When Shi Qingxue was in a dilemma, a deep voice came from the door. “Infanta, you are wrong. That baby is not innocent at all.”

The three turned their heads to the door at the same time and saw Mo Junyang standing there expressionlessly, with Xia Mang behind him. Xia Mang had an apologetic expression on her face and reported to Shi Qingxue, “His Excellency said he had something important to discuss with you, so I didn’t stop him. My Lady, please…”

Shi Qingxue instantly stopped Xia Mang’s apology. “Never mind. Pour a cup of tea for His Excellency.”

Xia Mang had helped her out. Qingxue wouldn’t blame her but felt happy.

She stepped forward and looked at Mo Junyang with a smile. “What are you doing here?”

Mo Junyang looked softer and smiled. “I was afraid that somebody would pester you, so I came to see you.”

His meaningful words made the two girls in the room blush.

Shi Baoyou didn’t dare to act recklessly in the face of Mo Junyang, but Shi Baoning, who had just been retorted, felt she was honorable in front of him and said calmly, “The baby is not born yet, but it has to take the responsibility for its mother’s mistakes. Isn’t it too absurd?”

Mo Junyang sneered and asked in reply, “It’s said in the law of the Mo Country that three generations of the traitor’s family should be killed. Infanta, do you think the law is absurd, too?”

Shi Baoning was stunned. In the beginning, she just thought that Shi Baojin’s unborn baby shouldn’t take the blame for her, but she had forgotten that the baby was a member of the Zhao Family’s three generations and couldn’t be pardoned.

“I didn’t mean that! I just…” Shi Baoning looked awkward and was anxious to express that she didn’t disdain the law of the Mo Country, but under Mo Junyang’s cold eyes, she couldn’t explain.

Shi Baoyou nerved herself and said to Qingxue, “I know Baojin is guilty, but I hope you can give me a chance to take the punishment for her so that I can fulfil my wish as her younger sister.”

She loved her sister so much that she wanted to take the punishment for her.

Mo Junyang stared at Shi Baoyou with his sharp eyes. If she asked him in private, he might give her a chance because she was from the Shi Family, but she mentioned it at this crucial time and talked about the sisterhood. Apparently, she indicated with sarcasm that Shi Qingxue forgot the kinship. No matter if Shi Baoyou was on purpose, he wouldn’t let her get away with it.

He winked at Shi Qingxue in secret and silently told her not to reply. At the same time, he stood between Qingxue and Baoyou.

His cold face froze and he didn’t conceal his hatred toward Shi Baoyou, asking aggressively, “Qingxue is just an unmarried woman and has no rank. How can she decide the traitor’s punishment? Lady Baoyou, you asked her to give you a chance several times. Are you kidding?

Or do you intentionally make things difficult for her? Huh?”

“No, I didn’t mean that!” Shi Baoyou explained in a hurry, afraid that Mo Junyang would twist what she had said.

Everyone knew about the fact that Shi Qingxue could influence Mo Junyang’s decision, and he could decide Shi Baojin’s life or death, but as long as he insisted, Shi Qingxue was just a commoner with no power.

Shi Baoyou didn’t want to offend Mo Junyang, so she had to give up her plan to save Shi Baojin and then admitted her mistake. “I was joking with Qingxue. Qingxue, please don’t take it to heart.”

Mo Junyang didn’t want to let Shi Baoyou go and said, “Lady Baoyou, your sister is still in prison and nobody knows whether she is dead or alive, but you still joke about her…”

He paused for a while purposely and then praised, “You are so patient. I admire you!”

Shi Baoyou was unable to speak a word.

Shi Qingxue witnessed that Mo Junyang’s silver tongue defeated Shi Baoyou’s hypocritical excuses and laughed secretly. She felt joyful.

Mo Junyang always showed a poker face, but even she was no match for him while debating, let alone her pure sister and cousin.

But Shi Baoning and Shi Baoyou simply tried to save Shi Baojin and didn’t harbor evil intentions toward her, so Shi Qingxue didn’t want Mo Junyang to fall out with them.

She coughed and glanced at Mo Junyang with approval in secret but said seriously, “Your Excellency, Baoyou was just anxious to save her sister and asked a wrong person for help. She was not thoughtful enough. She isn’t like what you said. Please don’t get her wrong.”

Mo Junyang raised his brows and glimpsed at Shi Baoyou coldly, which made her nervous. Then he responded with no emotion, “I have got you wrong. Lady Baoyou, please forgive me.”

He spoke like a boss and didn’t seem to apologize but to denounce her.

However, Shi Baoyou was scared by Mo Junyang’s twists with cold sweat on her back and didn’t dare to put on airs. She waved her hand constantly and said that she didn’t dare. Then she put the blame on herself as she didn’t make it clear.

Mo Junyang didn’t deny Shi Baoyou’s fault and said arrogantly, “Lady Baoyou, you have joked and apologized. Do you have anything else?”

Shi Baoyou was speechless. For the first time, she saw that a guest took it for granted to ask another guest to leave.

But that was Mo Junyang, so everything became natural.

Shi Baoyou automatically turned to Shi Qingxue, who was blocked by Mo Junyang, and couldn’t see her face. She knew that she couldn’t achieve her purpose today, so she had to say something to show her politeness and then leave in frustration.

Seeing that the trouble was finally gone, Shi Qingxue couldn’t help but smile at Mo Junyang. When she was about to praise his great help, Shi Baoning said, “Your Excellency, did you come to our mansion before making an appointment and enter the Luotong Boudoir directly just to tell us about the law of the Mo Country?”

She said that coldly with displeasure apparently and didn’t hide her resentment well after being retorted.

Shi Baoning was not as weak as Shi Baoyou, and she thought she was Shi Qingxue’s elder sister and was more qualified to stay in the Luotong Boudoir than Mo Junyang, so she was tougher.

Shi Qingxue saw through what was on her sister’s mind at a glance and thought that with Shi Baoning’s fighting ability, she would soon have nothing to say after Mo Junyang said a few words. So Qingxue had to give him a hint first, “She is my sister. Don’t be too harsh on her.”

Mo Junyang took the hint and swallowed what he was about to say. He looked at Shi Baoning helplessly. “I came to see Qingxue.”
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