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Chapter 123 - A Lame Duck

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After hearing that, Mo Junjiu heaved a sigh of relief and then murmured, “Why is it him?”

Liang Yuanming grabbed the letter with one hand and stroked his beard with the other, muttering to himself, “It appears that His Majesty trusts that man more than what we imagined. He hides it perfectly.”

Mo Junjiu had never taken Mo Junyang to heart and bragged without feeling ashamed, “Why did you say that? Mo Junyang is a useless bastard. If he hadn’t followed the crown prince, he might have been killed by us when we were children. How would he live till now? But in the final analysis, he has no real power. As long as we threaten him, he would be sure to…”

“Idiot!” Liang Yuanming interrupted Mo Junjiu crossly and cursed with disappointment, “What I said just now is useless to you? Why don’t you use your brain?”

Mo Junjiu was scolded and got angry, but this was his respected maternal grandfather and his most reliable counselor, so he had to bear it.

But he didn’t look well and said with displeasure, “I am not wrong. Grandpa, you know I am not good at it. Just tell me what you are thinking about. Don’t keep me in suspense.”

Liang Yuanming goggled out of anger. He was clear that his grandson was obedient to elders but not wise enough. However, Mo Junjiu was a prince and would only be obedient to him. In front of other counselors, he was always puffed up with pride and would never take advice modestly, so it was difficult to cultivate his wisdom in a short time.

So Liang Yuanming didn’t insist but said helplessly, “Didn’t I tell you just now? The person who would be appointed to hear Zhao Ming’s case must be trusted by His Majesty. While in the past few years, Mo Junyang has always been average. Although he follows the crown prince, he made no contributions, and everybody thinks he is good for nothing.”

Mo Junjiu pouted and remained silent, but he said secretly, “He is just a lame duck.”

Liang Yuanming was angry at Mo Junjiu’s attitude and wanted to call him Lame Duck.

“Do you know the more harmless Mo Junyang pretends, the more he hides everything. Zhao Ming’s misfortune might be his plan.”

Liang Yuanming had no evidence, but such things didn’t need evidence. The indistinct instinct could explain everything.

Mo Junjiu denied automatically, “No way!”

“Why not? If this matter has nothing to do with him, why do you think His Majesty would tell him to investigate?”

Mo Junjiu was unable to reply. He wanted to retort and say that Mo Junyang was not so capable, but the old man’s serious eyes told him that this was the truth.

He frowned resentfully and cursed in a low voice, “Mo Junyu must be behind the scene. He pretends to be gentle and harmless at ordinary times, and I really don’t think he cares about the position of the heir to the throne. Now he finally can’t be calm.”

“Indeed. The East Palace is not powerful, and the crown prince is always low-key these years, but now he suddenly takes action…” Liang Yuanming pondered for a short while and then looked at Mo Junjiu out of the blue, with his sharp eyes. “What did you do?”

Mo Junjiu shrank his neck and retorted with guilt, “I did nothing…”

“Fine. I tell you.” He couldn’t bear Liang Yuanming’s deep eyes and had to tell his grandfather that he had secretly sent people to assassinate Mo Junyu several times.

At last, he was still reluctant. “He was lucky enough to escape every time. Otherwise, no matter how partial my father is to Junhao, I would get the position of the crown prince.”

“How dare you!” Liang Yuanming hadn’t thought that Mo Junjiu would do something like that recklessly. He almost spat blood.

Everybody would be irritated. Moreover, no matter how much Mo Junyu hid himself, he was the heir to the throne. After being provoked repeatedly, if he didn’t fight back, he would be a coward. In Zhao Ming’s case, they might have found what Mo Junjiu had done.

Hearing his grandfather’s explanation, Mo Junjiu was startled and said doubtfully, “No way. All people I sent couldn’t come back alive, and everybody has died. I have secretly killed the one in the East Palace. He couldn’t have known it.”

Liang Yuanming was speechless in fury and didn’t want to explain the tricks to Mo Junjiu. He just said, “Anyway, now we need to urgently find from Mo Junyang what Mo Junyu plans to do. If he just wants to give you back tit for tat, we can end it after pushing Zhao Ming away. If he plans to have a life-and-death struggle, perhaps we would have to change our target…”

“Ah? Can’t we protect Zhao Ming?” Mo Junjiu mumbled unwillingly. Till now he still dreamed that he would have the Minister of Revenue on his side.

Liang Yuanming was enraged by him and lost his energy. He warned coldly, “Just stop having an unrealistic dream! Haven’t you found that the evidence Mo Junyang showed was solid, and any information would deprive Zhao Ming of his official position? What’s more, they have kept so many letters, and it can be seen that they kept an eye on him for long. They would never let go of this main target.”

Liang Yuanming didn’t say that Zhao Ming didn’t commit an ordinary crime but treason and if the Mo Country were destroyed, what would the point be even after Mo Junjiu got the position of the heir to the throne?

After taking Mo Xiangbin’s order, King Rui’s heir, who had been remembered with concern for long by the third prince’s followers, went to the prison to see the former Minister of Revenue, Zhao Ming.

Zhao Ming had been kept in prison for three days. With his messy hair and untidy face, he lost all his imposing manner.

Mo Junyang was seated outside, with tea and snacks on the table in front of him. He didn’t say anything and just sat silently.

Zhao Ming got impatient first and said in a hoarse voice, “Your Excellency, you are in such a good mood. I am flattered that you came to this filthy place to see me.”

“It’s a nice place here and suitable for you,” Mo Junyang responded casually.

Zhao Ming raged and couldn’t say a word.

He stared at Mo Junyang. “I have never offended you, right? You asked Liang to marry that woman from the Shi Family, and I agreed. Why did you want to kill all my family?”

Mo Junyang blinked his eyes lazily and said indifferently, “You contacted the enemy and betrayed the country. Do we need to give any more reasons to kill you?”

Zhao Ming was unable to reply.

“Or do you want to say that you are forgivable? After all, the King of the Liang Country, Yelü Beichen saved your life once, right?”

Zhao Ming’s face turned pale, and he looked at Mo Junyang in surprise. “How did you know it?”

Mo Junyang turned the pages of a notebook in his hand and said slowly, “In the twenty-sixth year since the Mo Country was established, there was a war in your hometown, and your parents died in the war. You didn’t suffer in the disaster because you were studying in another city, but you were robbed in the forest. Yelü Beichen, who was the crown prince of the Liang Country then, was on the way and saved you conveniently, and he told the servants to look after you.

He heard that you were a scholar, so he gave you money and told you to take part in the selection of officials in the capital city. After you were selected and sent back to your hometown to work as an official, you contacted Yelü Beichen again. He always took care of you and helped you bribe others and get promoted successfully. In less than ten years, you became a Rank-3 official. In order to repay Yelü Beichen, you sent letters with the opportunity of your position all the time. Am I right?”

Zhao Ming was petrified and didn’t know how to respond.

His identity was fake and couldn’t be found, but Mo Junyang told the truth, which was horribly accurate.

“How… Why did you know that?”

Others would answer with ravings such as “The day has eyes, and the night has ears.”

However, Mo Junyang disdained to make fun of Zhao Ming and asked, “Your crime has been confirmed, but His Majesty told me to ask you. What do you want to say?”

Zhao Ming gritted his teeth. It looked like he swallowed humiliation but finally decided to confess. He said, “Everything…”

As soon as he started, “whoosh”, a long arrow flew from somewhere in the dark to him.

Mo Junyang sat still. Wei Zichao behind him raised his hand and lifted his sword. He threw the sword with the handle in opposite direction and happened to hit the long arrow, with the sound of metal collision. The arrow then fell on the floor in front of Zhao Ming.

Zhao Ming’s legs softened, and he sat on the floor.

The guards in the prison finally reacted and chased in the direction where the long arrow came from. Wei Zichao opened the room door and walked in. He picked up his sword to put it back in the sheath and then put the long arrow in front of Mo Junyang, reporting, “Master, there is poison on the arrow.”

Zhao Ming trembled again with fear.

Mo Junyang was in a good mood and rested his chin on one hand, smiling. “Lord Zhao, go on.”

He was relaxed as if he hadn’t experienced a terrifying life-and-death disaster just now.

Oh, right. Anyway, the target was not him.

Wei Zichao pouted in secret and thought that his master tended to have a repulsive addiction.

Zhao Ming had been threatened by death and opened his mouth but couldn’t make a sound for a long time. It seemed that he was out of wits.

Mo Junyang waited and got impatient. He frowned and said expressionlessly, “You plot treason and your whole family would be killed. Anyway, you are dying. What are you afraid of?”

Zhao Ming couldn’t speak a word.

He seemed to say, “We will eat sooner or later. Why are you anxious?”

More incredibly, Zhao Ming came back to reality from the death threat, for the time being.

He stared at Mo Junyang and thought, “He knew my treason plot long ago but didn’t say anything, and he came to question me this time, so I must have something that he wanted.”

It was a good bargaining chip.

Zhao Ming calmed down and looked relaxed. “Your Excellency, as you said, I am dying anyway, so what can I say?”

Mo Junyang uplifted his brows and sneered. “Are you threatening me?”

Zhao Ming smiled shamelessly and pretended modest. “I don’t dare. When I was exposed, I knew that I couldn’t escape death. But I still have a wish. Hope I can make a deal with you.”

“What do you want?” Mo Junyang asked without changing his expression.

Zhao Ming replied seriously, “Please keep one descendant of my family alive. No matter what excuse you use, I just want him to stay alive.”

Afterward, he smiled at Mo Junyang again, trying to please him. “Your Excellency, it’s not difficult for you. Moreover, the Shi Family is involved.

If you can make my wish come true, I will tell you everything that I know. I believe that your boss will be satisfied with that.”

He had a perfect plan. Mo Junyang kept a good relationship with the Shi Family. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have stood up for Shi Baojin. And Zhao Ming had the secrets of the third prince’s followers. It would be easy to exchange those for Shi Baojin’s life, and the Zhao Family would have a descendant left.

Unfortunately, he was calculating but had never thought that Mo Junyang made Shi Baojin a member of the Zhao Family, the group of treason, not to let her live in comfort!

Wei Zichao looked at Zhao Ming’s complacent expression and prayed for him secretly.
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