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Chapter 121 - Find Fault

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Shi Baojin’s expression showed that she wasn’t going to the Luotong Boudoir to pay a visit but to find fault.

Xiao Tao was terrified, but she was a maid and had no say, so she had to follow miserably.

At the same time, she prayed in her heart, “God, please make Shi Baojin clever and tell her not to make trouble at this time. Otherwise, she wouldn’t get married.”

Shi Qingxue was making her embroidery in the Luotong Boudoir more and more slowly. She almost lost patience. Hearing from a servant that Shi Baojin had come, she said without thinking, “I am not available. Tell her to go back!”

But before she put down her needle, a cold voice came from the door. “Qingxue, you are more and more arrogant now. I came to the Luotong Boudoir with difficultly, but I can’t see you.”

Shi Qingxue ignored Shi Baojin’s sarcastic tone and said coldly, “Even if I didn’t let you in, you have entered, right? Tell me, what can I do for you?”

Shi Baojin couldn’t bear the provocation and her face turned ghastly pale. She responded aggressively, “Can’t I come to see you for nothing? Don’t forget that I am older than you.”

She threatened with her position, but Shi Qingxue didn’t care. She leered at Shi Baojin with a faint smile. “Do you think we can have a small talk?”

“Even if not, you should offer me a cup of hot tea since I came.” Shi Baojin raised her jaw haughtily.

She was sure that Shi Qingxue didn’t dare to offend her for the time being.

Shi Qingxue finally stopped working because she was too annoyed. She looked at Shi Baojin and replied indifferently, “I have no tea. If you want to have tea, just go back to your room. Don’t stay here to offend my eyes.”

Shi Baojin’s eyes widened, and she couldn’t believe that Shi Qingxue would kick her out mercilessly.

With her face darkening, she stood, arms akimbo, and cursed Shi Qingxue, “I am going to be the second young madam of the Zhao Family soon. How dare you be so rude to me? Believe it or not, I will tell Grandma on you later and let you bear all the consequences.

You should kneel in the ancestral hall as a punishment for you disrespect the elders!”

Shi Baojin was complacent and thought she had found Shi Qingxue’s fault, so she could do anything to the younger girl.

Shi Qingxue heard that and stayed silent for a while. With a sneer on her face, she asked casually, “I will be punished to kneel in the ancestral hall if I disrespect the elders. Then how should you be punished if you harm your younger cousin? Have you forgotten what Baoyan’s ending was?”

All people present changed their expressions. Shi Baojin trembled but didn’t admit defeat. “Who harmed the younger cousin? Do you have evidence? Don’t frame and wrong a good person!”

Shi Qingxue almost laughed out and didn’t expect that Shi Baojin was so thick-skinned and didn’t feel ashamed to say that.

She tilted her head and rested her jaw on one hand, saying slowly, “Let me guess. How did Baoning explain to you about Xiao Zhu’s whereabout? Did she run away on the way home? Or did she disappear after falling into a river by accident?”

Shi Baojin was speechless and her eyes almost popped out.

But soon she came back to earth and straightened her back, snorting. “I don’t know what you are talking about. Anyway, you can’t show evidence, so it means I have done nothing! Grandma won’t believe you!”

Shi Qingxue fiddled with the stuff on the table unconcernedly and smiled. “Why would I want Grandma to believe me? I just need to…”

She pretended to unintentionally glance at Shi Baojin’s belly and laughed heartily. “I hear that you haven’t been out for several months. It’s not like you.”

Shi Baojin subconsciously avoided Shi Qingxue’s eyes but still refused to show the white feather. She struggled. “It’s none of your business.”

“It’s none of my business indeed, but if outsiders know that you got pregnant before marriage, and you are so big with child now, what do you think they would say? How would the Zhao Family treat you? Huh?”

Shi Qingxue described the nightmare Shi Baojin feared most in one breath. The scene could scare her to cry.

Shi Baojin screamed automatically, “No, you can’t do that!”

“Oh? Why can’t I do that?” Shi Qingxue’s eyes turned cold and she stared at Shi Baojin like a dead person. “Ever since you sent that rascal who tried to bully me, we don’t have any kinship.

I am kind enough as I didn’t make trouble for you, but I don’t expect that you are so foolish as to come to provoke me repeatedly. What? Do you think I am as good-tempered as the Buddha?”

The cold words stabbed Shi Baojin’s throat like a sharp sword.

She was being stared at by Shi Qingxue, and she felt chilly from toe to head. She wanted to run away, but she seemed unable to move. She was shaking and could hardly breathe.

“My Lady, calm down. Take care of your baby!” Xiao Tao hurriedly came up to support Shi Baojin and helped her calm down.

The masters had a fight, and the servants were in trouble.

Xiao Tao had found that Shi Baojin was brainless. She had no advantage but stupidly came to find fault with Shi Qingxue and deserved to be retorted and scared.

But what could Xiao Tao do?

She had to try her best to help Shi Baojin clean up the mess and apologize to Shi Qingxue, “My Lady, please don’t be mad. Lady Baojin is not in a good mood today and has offended you. You are so generous. Please forgive her for she is your family.”

Shi Qingxue lazily raised her brows and peered at Xiao Tao, asking unhurriedly, “What? Haven’t you heard what I said just now?”

Xiao Tao was surprised and suddenly remembered that Shi Qingxue had said that she and Shi Baojin didn’t have any kinship, so how would they be family?

“No, I…” Xiao Tao feared that she would offend Shi Qingxue, but she was just a lowly maid. Any master could take her life quietly if they didn’t want to see her.

Now Shi Baojin had irritated Shi Qingxue. Whatever Xiao Tao said would be wrong.

Xiao Tao looked sadly at Shi Qingxue and gritted her teeth, closing her eyes, like a brave warrior who would die a hero’s death. “Lady Baojin is pregnant. If there is something wrong, I can’t pay even with my life. My Lady, please show mercy for me.”

She didn’t know if her words would be useful. She often heard from the other servants that Shi Qingxue was nice to them, and the maids working in the Luotong Boudoir had never been beaten. If they made a mistake, she just taught them. Xiao Tao thought she would either win or die. Anyway, if something wrong happened to Shi Baojin, she wouldn’t get away with it.

When Xiao Tao was almost desperate, Shi Qingxue finally said, to Xia Mang next to her, “Is Doctor Qin still in the mansion? Baojin is unwell. Ask him to check on her in the Yujin Boudoir.”

Xia Mang understood that Shi Qingxue wanted the guests to leave and walked to Xiao Tao, stretching out her hand. “Please!”

Shi Baojin was still resentful, but her secret was in somebody else’s hands. She didn’t dare to bet if Shi Qingxue would spread her scandal, so she just let Xiao Tao help her go out.

Dong Shuang witnessed everything and couldn’t help but spit behind the two girls’ backs. “Pah! Who are you? You came to the Luotong Boudoir to act like a boss. Do you think you can become a minister’s wife after marrying into the Zhao Family? You are daydreaming!”

Shi Qingxue glanced at Dong Shuang in surprise and said with a smile, “Dong Shuang, you are awesome!”

Dong Shuang thought Shi Qingxue was going to reproach her and shrank her neck. “I just don’t like to see that. It’s not…”

“I didn’t mean that.” Shi Qingxue waved her hand and interrupted Dong Shuang, joking, “I find that you are born to be a fortuneteller.”


Dong Shuang was confused.

Shi Qingxue laughed and didn’t explain. She continued to make her embroidery.

Nobody knew if Shi Qingxue’s warning worked, and Shi Baojin didn’t make any trouble till she got married.

On the wedding date, as the bride’s family, Shi Qingxue had to attend the wedding even though she was unwilling to.

In the dinner party at noon, there were many plates of beautiful cuisine on the table, which looked delicious, but Shi Qingxue had no appetite. She ate a little and couldn’t eat more because Mo Yuzhen stared at her all the time from another table.

After they “fell out” last time, it was her first time to meet Mo Yuzhen. In fact, she wasn’t angry with Mo Yuzhen. Especially when she saw that Yuzhen wanted to talk to her but hesitated, she wasn’t mad at her at all.

But what if she wasn’t angry?

After so many things happened, she and Mo Yuzhen had to repeat what was in the previous life, and she could do nothing.

When everyone turned the attention to the groom, Shi Qingxue found an excuse and walked away sneakily. She would rather find a hideout randomly or have lunch outside than suffer terribly at the dinner party.

Shi Qingxue didn’t even bring a maid with her and quietly went out from the side door of the Zhao Family’s mansion alone. When she was at the door, someone caught her.

That man looked back with a smile on his face. “Qingxue, where are you going?”

Shi Qingxue got stiffened and forced a smile, greeting with no emotion, “Mo Junyang, what are you doing here?”

Mo Junyang was not the third prince’s follower. No matter how powerful the Zhao Family was, he didn’t need to show up in person.

“Aren’t you here?” Mo Junyang responded casually.

Shi Qingxue didn’t ask anymore. She was clear about this man’s character. If he didn’t want to say, he could beat around the bush and be offhand with the question. She wouldn’t get the answer.

Moreover, she seemed to understand why Mo Junyang attended a banquet that he didn’t need to.

Qingxue had a flush on her face and looked around. After a while, as if she made a decision, she suggested in a low voice, “The food on the feast didn’t taste good, and I am still hungry. Would you like to eat something with me in the Juxian Restaurant?”

Even Mo Junyang who was always calm got surprised to face Shi Qingxue’s first invitation. After a long time, he finally came to his senses and his cold lips curled up, with softness in his eyes. “Okay.”

Shi Qingxue glanced at Mo Junyang and looked away in an instant. Her face was burning hot, and she walked in front quickly. “Let’s hurry up. I almost starve to death.”

Shi Qingxue had thought it over these days. Because of what had happened in the previous life, she really didn’t trust love anymore. Love from a man was not as reliable as power in her hands, but on the other hand, Mo Junyang had proven to her with a lifetime in the previous life that he was persistent.

Even though she always said that she didn’t want to be with Mo Junyang, she might have been moved, especially after she knew this man was her Mo Junyang and he would never give up…

She couldn’t help but expect. Maybe she and Mo Junyang had a chance to be together?

Shi Qingxue was not sure, but she didn’t mind letting nature take its course when she was with Mo Junyang, so she invited him to the Juxian Restaurant today.

But as soon as they were seated, the room door was pushed open by Mo Junyu.
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