The Great Planned Marriage: Becoming A Splendid Princess

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Chapter 113 - Wait to See a Drama

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Qin Yanyan had a perfect plan and prepared everything. If somebody dared to resist, she would force them out of the Purity Garden.

At the moment, somebody reported from outside all of a sudden, “The crown prince, the fourth prince, and King Rui’s heir are coming!”

All people looked at the entrance at the same time and saw the crown prince Mo Junyu walking in the front, with Mo Junyang and Mo Junhao on each side, entering the Purity Garden and coming over.

Anxiety couldn’t be concealed on Mo Junhao’s face, and he walked irregularly. It appeared that he wanted to walk faster but had to follow Mo Junyu because of his status.

He looked over here in the distance and seemed to be looking for something. As soon as he found Shi Qingxue, his pupils shrank out of the blue, but soon he calmed down. He lowered his head to hide his complicated thoughts and followed Mo Junyu steadily.

Mo Junhao believed his petty actions were not eye-catching and couldn’t be noticed, but everything was in two people’s eyes.

Shi Qingxue sneered and thought she would have felt sad. The man she loved in the previous life tried to harm her without mercy, but now she just felt it was as expected.

Mo Junhao could do anything!

But she wasn’t in the mood to aim at Mo Junhao today. She looked coldly at Qin Yanyan who panicked and hurriedly walked a few steps forward before standing. “Your Highness, why did you come here?”

She even forgot to greet him with more words and was totally frightened.

Mo Junhao didn’t have time to care about this trifle and asked her, “My elder brother Junyu and my cousin Junyang came to visit me and suddenly heard from the servants that there was something wrong in the Purity Garden, so we came to have a look together. What happened? Aren’t you supposed to celebrate your birthday with the noble ladies in the backyard?”

Qin Yanyan gritted her teeth in secret and thought, “Which nosey servant dared to gossip? If I know who it is, I will cut off his tongue.”

But she had to answer respectfully, “I was having fun with the girls in the backyard when we heard that something was wrong in the Purity Garden and then found that Qingxue was not with us. We were worried about her, so we came here together.”

She explained why she had led a group of noble ladies to the Purity Garden and meanwhile put the blame on Shi Qingxue. Even if Mo Junhao wanted to punish somebody, he could do nothing to Qin Yanyan. At the same time, she wanted to take the chance to distract everyone and told Liang’er to take Qin Luoluo away first.

But as soon as she stopped speaking, Mo Junyang’s words attracted everyone’s attention again. “Who is standing at the door?”

Liang’er had opened the door and pulled Qin Luoluo out. When they prepared to flee in secret, many eyes were focused on her in unison, which scared her and she didn’t dare to move.

She had to look at Qin Yanyan miserably to ask for help.

Mo Junyang followed Liang’er’s eyes and looked at Qin Yanyan, continuing to ask, “It seems that this maid will work under Lady Qin’s orders, right?”

King Rui’s heir was fine if he didn’t speak. As long as he said something, every word would kill somebody.

Qin Yanyan had cold sweat on her back and cursed Mo Junyang in her heart, but she had to smile politely. “My sister is not feeling well. I told the maid to take her to my room to get a rest. I’m sorry to let you know that, Your Excellency.”

She spoke casually and meanwhile glanced over all the noble ladies present with her threatening eyes, seeming to say, “I will kill anyone who speaks now.”

Although many noble ladies wanted to see Qin Yanyan being humiliated, nobody was willing to speak first to offend her. All of them lowered their heads silently and turned to Shi Qingxue with expectancy.

Qin Yanyan had defamed the Shi Family regardless of anything earlier. Shi Qingxue was always unwilling to be defeated and wouldn’t miss such a chance to get back at the Qin Family, so they just had to wait to see a drama.

Beyond everyone’s expectation, Shi Qingxue, who should angrily jump out to make a charge against Qin Luoluo’s immoral behavior, remained silent and stood by.

King Rui’s heir softened his voice and asked seriously, “What’s wrong with Lady Luoluo?”

He asked sincerely and couldn’t understand what had happened to Qin Luoluo.

Qin Yanyan couldn’t be shameless as to tell others that her sister had sex just now, with more than one man. Qin Luoluo looked like she had been defiled miserably and was in a trance.

Qin Yanyan clenched her teeth and tried to pretend that she didn’t mind. “She just has some ailment, and it is not serious. Thanks for your concern, Your Excellency.”

Mo Junyang responded in an instant, “If you don’t pay attention to the ailment in the beginning, it will kill you when it attacks. Am I right, Crown Prince?”

Mo Junyu was mentioned all of a sudden, and he was stunned for a while before nodding. “As His Excellency said, Lady Luoluo should be checked by a doctor.”

“I am going to find a doctor. Excuse me.” Qin Yanyan interrupted Mo Junyu rudely and walked back to Qin Luoluo to keep off the eyes with evil intentions.

She wanted to send her sister away quickly, but Mo Junyu said again, “Lady Qin, don’t be anxious. I happen to have a doctor with me. How about you let Mr. Shen check on Lady Luoluo so that we can know what is wrong with her. Junhao, what do you think?”

At last, he ignored Qin Yanyan and told Mo Junhao to make a decision.

Mo Junhao looked away from Qingxue quietly and didn’t change his expression. “Luoluo is just a little girl. How can she disturb the miracle-working Doctor Shen who is famous in the capital city? The doctors in my mansion can treat her.”

Mo Junyu smiled kindly. “That’s true, but it’s better if a famous doctor can help. Is it that you don’t think Mr. Shen is skilled, so you don’t want him to treat your sister-in-law?”

Mo Junhao had guessed that Qin Yanyan’s plan was ruined and couldn’t help but feel happy. Although it was a pity that he had lost a great chance to threaten the Shi Family, Shi Qingxue would belong to him unharmed. He didn’t mind helping Qin Yanyan prevent this farce from going farther.


He frowned in secret and was surprised at Mo Junyu’s sudden aggressive attitude, which was different from his previous peace-making style. Mo Junhao couldn’t refuse anymore.

“Thanks for your kindness, brother. I will be impolite if I refuse.” He saluted Mo Junyu to express his gratitude.

Mo Junyu turned around and said to the man behind him. “Mr. Shen, please check on Lady Luoluo.”

“No problem,” Shen Luo replied instantly. Without being told, he walked to Qin Luoluo.

Shi Qingxue witnessed everything and felt surprised. She couldn’t help but peep at Mo Junyang. The latter seemed to feel it and smiled at her in secret to offer comfort.

So she watched the play calmly.

But Qin Yanyan was not calm. Seeing that Shen Luo walked to her step by step and then reached out to check Qin Luoluo’s pulse, she stood in front of him. “Don’t touch her.”

Shen Luo was not irritated but smiled. “I find that Lady Luoluo is in a trance and seems to have eaten something wrong. If she can’t be treated in time, I am afraid she will be in trouble.”

Qin Yanyan didn’t believe Shen Luo, nor did she let him touch Qin Luoluo.

There was no joking about it. It could be seen what had happened from Qin Luoluo’s appearance, but it would be different after the famous doctor made a conclusion.

She looked at Mo Junhao for help, indicating, “Your Highness, I beg you. Stop this miracle-working doctor from insulting my sister. If the Qin Clan is humiliated, can you get any profit?”

Mo Junhao avoided meeting Qin Yanyan’s eyes and pondered for a moment before saying with a smile, “After all, Luoluo is an unmarried woman. It’s better if Doctor Shen treats her in the room.”

Mo Junyu seemed not to find that it was a stalling tactic and nodded. “Right. Choose one room to let Mr. Shen examine Lady Luoluo carefully. Huh?”

It looked as if he finally found a room in front of them and his eyes lit up. Then he said joyfully, “This room looks nice. That’s it.”


They played a game and the onlookers watched a play. Some audiences couldn’t help laughing.

But when the men looked at them again, all of them lowered their heads, standing still.

Only Qin Yanyan’s face was ghostly pale, showing that she didn’t want to stay alive.

She tried every means to harm Qingxue, but she failed, and she even hurt her sister and was embarrassed.

Qin Yanyan gritted her teeth with resentment and wanted to bite Shi Qingxue into pieces, but she was clear that it was not time to act rashly. She couldn’t allow Shen Luo to check Qin Luoluo’s pulse.

Next second, in the eyes of everyone, Qin Yanyan suddenly felt dizzy and staggered to fall forward. Luo Wenmei swiftly helped her and shouted at the same time, “No. Lady Qin is weak and kept standing for a long time. I am afraid the baby is affected. Your Highness, please send her back to her room as soon as possible.”

“Liang’er, send your lady back now,” Mo Junhao ordered instantly and looked at Shen Luo. “Doctor Shen, my wife is weak. Please come with us to check on her. I will ask another doctor to treat Luoluo’s ailment.”

“Uhm…” Shen Luo looked at Mo Junyu hesitantly and the latter turned to Mo Junyang.

Mo Junyang was at leisure and didn’t speak a word.

Alas! These two were gods. If they didn’t play charades at the crucial time, it couldn’t show that they were powerful.

But since the two were silent, Shen Luo didn’t want to be a bad guy and took the chance to follow Qin Yanyan whose “fetus was affected”.

All the audiences were led by the servants in the mansion to leave one after another. The farce was in suspense, which made most of the people feel uncomfortable.

Before leaving, Chen Xiujiao glared at Shi Qingxue, seeming to say, “You were lucky this time. Let’s wait and see.”

Shi Qingxue narrowed her eyes and didn’t talk with her. She just told the maid Jing Yi to send Shi Baoning back home first.

“Qingxue, aren’t you going back with me?” Shi Baoning grabbed Qingxue’s hand and didn’t let her go. She had been scared for one day. Even though she knew Shi Qingxue was in safety, she still felt restless and couldn’t set her mind at ease.

Qingxue patted the back of Baoning’s hand and said in a low voice, “I have something to do and will go back later. Don’t worry. I will be fine.”

Shi Baoning was worried. “What are you going to do? What happened? Why are your clothes in the Purity Garden? Oh, right. Why did you get changed?”

While speaking, Shi Baoning finally noticed that Qingxue didn’t wear the clothes she had worn in the morning, and there was water on her hair. It seemed that she had been in water.
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