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Chapter 97 - Owe You a Favor

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Shi Qingxue didn’t know any martial skills. She subconsciously closed her eyes and turned to one side, but she could only dodge once.


A scream appeared, but it was not from her.

Shi Qingxue was stunned for a while and then opened her eyes suddenly. The assassin in black was lying on the ground in a pool of blood, without closing his eyes.

In front of her, a tall and big figure stood straightly. With his back toward the sun, he was as steady as a high mountain but was unrealistic.

Shi Qingxue squinted and saw the person in front of her reach out his hand to her. He comforted her in a gentle voice, “It’s all right. Can you get up?”

She paused for a while and didn’t stretch out her hand but chose to struggle to get up by herself. At the same time, she moved a few steps backward and kept her distance from the man.

She expressed her gratitude with a poker face, “Your Highness, thanks for saving me.”

Right, the one who had saved her was Mo Junhao unexpectedly.

That was what Shi Qingxue had never expected or hoped, but it was a truth.

She felt more annoyed to express her thanks feebly than when she was in danger earlier. She didn’t show her emotion, but the annoyance was deep in her bones.

She had too much animosity toward Mo Junhao. At ordinary times, she could force herself to cope with him, but she owed her enemy a favor for no reason now, which almost made her mad.

Mo Junhao also noticed that Qingxue was in a bad mood, but he thought that she hadn’t come back from the shock, so he said more gently, “You are welcome. It’s my pleasure.”

While speaking, he looked around with an air of importance and checked the assassin’s body. Then he added, “An assassin came, and there might be more to come. It’s not safe here. Let me send you back to the capital city.”

Shi Qingxue was astonished and felt stranger. It was baffling for her to meet the assassin, and Mo Junhao had been able to show up in time, as if it had been planned. She didn’t need to doubt that he had been waiting here to “save her life”, and he even might have been following her since she left the capital city.

But it was still uncertain who had sent the assassin who was dead now.

Qingxue didn’t beat around the bush in front of Mo Junhao. She picked up her bow and said directly, “Your Highness, thanks for your kindness, but I have something important to do and won’t go back to the capital city.”

As for where she would go, she didn’t want or need to tell him.

Mo Junhao raised his brows and looked at Qingxue’s pale face, reminding her leisurely, “Someone knew that you left the capital city and wants to kill you. You are in danger, no matter where you are going.”

Shi Qingxue didn’t change her expression. “It’s the same if I return to the capital city.”

She would go to the Qingluo Mountain regardless of her life.

Mo Junhao said, “…Fine, I will go with you. If I am with you, no matter who sent the assassins, they would restrain themselves.”

The crimes of killing a lady from an aristocratic family secretly and assassinating a prince were not on the same level.

Shi Qingxue’s first reaction was to refuse, but she knew that under the circumstances, it was impossible for her to reach the camp of the Shi Army safely on her own. However, she would rather be killed than ask Mo Junhao for help.

She took deep breaths and reminded herself not to act willfully before she finally controlled her depression. Then she forced a smile. “In that case, thanks, Your Highness. After going back to the capital, I will send some gifts to return your favor.”

No matter how resentful she was, she had to make such a promise.

Obviously, Mo Junhao was satisfied with her gratefulness. He had a big smile but said modestly, “Qingxue, that’s all right. Don’t be so distant. I just lift a finger to do it.”

Shi Qingxue didn’t want to talk with him. She pulled her horse and continued her trip, but Mo Junhao stood in front of her and asked worriedly, “Are you going to ride?”

“Otherwise, would we go there on foot?”

Qingxue rolled her eyes in secret and looked at Mo Junhao in silence.

Mo Junhao shrugged innocently. “I mean, I don’t have a horse. If we are going to ride, we have to share the horse.”

Shi Qingxue was unable to reply. She wanted to refuse and then go away.

But there was no village or post house on the way. And the point was that it was her, not Mo Junhao, who was in a hurry. She controlled herself and gritted her teeth. After getting on the horse’s back, she glanced at Mo Junhao and remained still.

Mo Junhao showed a brighter smile and suddenly felt that Qingxue was so cute even when she got angry with him, which made him unable to go away. He couldn’t help but tease her, “Qingxue, are you unwilling to share the horse with me?”

Shi Qingxue didn’t answer but looked at Mo Junhao calmly. After meeting her eyes for two seconds, he admitted defeat and then got on the horse’s back.

Shi Qingxue moved forward by instinct and wanted to be farther away from Mo Junhao, but before she did, the man behind her put one arm around her waist and grabbed the rope with the other hand.

They clung to each other, and she couldn’t move.

“Don’t move. I will speed up. Be careful, or you will fall.”

Since Mo Junhao said that, Shi Qingxue had to bear with it and try her best to ignore the touch from behind.

Fortunately, she just endured it for more than half a day. In the evening, when they reached the next town, the first thing she did was ask a waiter in the hotel to buy her another horse.

Mo Junhao had hugged her for so long and felt contented but didn’t forget to get himself more benefit. “Manager, we need one first-class room.”

Then he explained without guilt, “We are not at home, and it will be safer to stay in the same room.”

Shi Qingxue said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter. You will know after I shout in the next room if there is something wrong. And we can let the manager make more money by booking two rooms.”

The hotel manager nodded repeatedly and echoed, “Right. I am not bragging. This hotel has a history of more than ten years and there was never any accident. It’s totally safe here. Sirs, you don’t need to worry. Moreover, I can see that you are hurry on with your journey. Naturally, you will feel more comfortable staying in separate rooms.”

“Then arrange two first-class rooms next door for us.” Shi Qingxue made a decision directly and then left, with a waiter leading the way.

Mo Junhao’s scheme was in vain, but he didn’t ask for much. He smiled and then followed them. When Shi Qingxue stepped into her room, he entered with a good reason. “We need to have a talk.”

Shi Qingxue didn’t stop him. “About what?”

She still looked cold, even if she needed his help.

Mo Junhao finally showed his displeasure. Anybody would be like this after being ignored many times by the one he tried to flatter. His smile faded. “Are you going to the Qingluo Mountain?”

Shi Qingxue displayed a faint smile. “Didn’t you know earlier?”

Under the situation, she had nothing to hide. On the contrary, she expected more to get some useful information from him. For example, who on earth wanted to harm Shi Junhe?

Mo Junhao looked solemn and said seriously, “If you are willing to listen to my advice, I hope that you can return to the capital city as soon as possible. Don’t get involved in this mess.”

Shi Qingxue was speechless.

She gazed at Mo Junhao’s face. She knew well about him and he was still too young to hide his emotion. He told her to go back to the capital city indeed because he didn’t want her to be in trouble.

Although he might have his own purpose, at least it meant that the trip to the Qingluo Mountain was truly dangerous.

Shi Qingxue lowered her head and suddenly laughed with self-mockery. “So what? I have died once, but my father shouldn’t be dead once more.”

“Your Highness, thanks for your concern, but my father is on the Qingluo Mountain now, and I have to go there.” With determination in her eyes, Shi Qingxue was not diametrically opposed to him anymore.

Mo Junhao was clear that it was because she had improved the attitude toward him and felt happy. “Since you have decided, I will go with you no matter what happens.”

Shi Qingxue was surprised and wanted to say that he didn’t need to follow her, but then she realized that his purpose was not simple.

She smiled and then said thanks to Mo Junhao again. Suddenly she asked, “Your Highness, do you know who tried to assassinate me today?”

Mo Junhao bit his lower lip and shook his head, saying cautiously, “That assassin was professional and didn’t leave any useful information. I can hardly judge who sent him, but don’t worry. With me by your side, you won’t get hurt.”

Gee, they had talked a lot but Shi Qingxue didn’t make any breakthrough. She stopped pretending to be polite and opened the door. “It’s late at night. Please go back to your room, Your Highness.”

Mo Junhao was unable to speak a word.

He wanted to talk more with Shi Qingxue, but she looked exhausted, so he had to leave.

Shi Qingxue closed the door and took out a small notebook from her pocket. Then she found a pen and wrote and drew on the book.

“Although the chance is few, it’s possible that Mo Junhao planned the assassination. And in the previous life, he was the one who ordered Father to suppress the bandits on the Qingluo Mountain… But it is said that this time, it was Mo Junjiu who asked His Majesty to give the order…” she mumbled, trying to get some clues from the puzzles.

But after she connected all the known information, she didn’t get a conclusion. Instead, she was more confused.

At last, Qingxue had to write the certain information on the notebook and decided to wait and see in steps.

When she finished everything and was about to go to bed, she suddenly felt a chill from the window and the candle-light swayed.


The room was plunged into darkness.

Shi Qingxue automatically grabbed the bow and leaned against the pillar to distinguish the direction from the sound.

Then there was no sound for a long time, and nobody broke in or attacked her with a hidden weapon.

The candle-light was just put off by the wind.

With her heart beating fast, Shi Qingxue felt uneasy. She didn’t loosen her grip on the bow and walked to the door step by step.

At this time, someone shouted outside all of a sudden, “Fire! Fire! Come to put off the fire!”

How was it possible?

Shi Qingxue stopped abruptly and opened the door in a hurry. Then a long sword came in from outside.

She turned her head away, and the long sword went through her long hair. A lot of black hair fell on the floor. She stretched out her leg by instinct, and with all her strength, she kicked the person out of the door. At the same time, she pulled the bow to shoot an arrow.

The long arrow was shot to the palm of that person’s right hand holding the sword and nailed it on the wooden floor of the corridor.

“Qingxue, are you okay?”

Mo Junhao also opened the door and rushed out. He held a sharp sword in his hand and there was blood on the blade. At night, with flame in the sky, it looked specially terrifying.

Shi Qingxue didn’t have time to care about it and hurriedly walked downstairs. “Go away now.”

But Mo Junhao grabbed her and embraced her waist without asking her.
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