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Chapter 89 - Haven’t You Had Enough?

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Shi Qingxue was puzzled and blinked. She walked to Mo Junyang. “What’s wrong?”

Mo Junyang turned away again and avoided looking at Shi Qingxue. “Nothing. I will show you around.”

He left after speaking.

“Ah, wait. You haven’t answered my question.” Shi Qingxue hurriedly caught up with him and didn’t forget to say, “I have seen the architecture here. How about we have a look at your residence?”

In fact, she was willing to come to King Rui’s mansion mainly because she was curious about Mo Junyang, including his environment in the previous life and this mansion.

Mo Junyang stopped in his tracks as if something tripped him. He managed to stand steadily with effort and said indifferently, “There is nothing worth seeing in my house. I will take you to the back yard, where there is a natural lake. It’s very beautiful.”

“Hey, wait!” Shi Qingxue was curious and stopped Mo Junyang. She stood in front of him once more. “Why don’t you look at me?”

Usually, Mo Junyang focused his eyes on her and made her feel shy. Why did she want to show up in front of him now but he didn’t want to see her?

Mo Junyang’s eyes were absent. “No. You worry too much.”

Shi Qingxue snorted. “Look at me when you speak to me.”

Mo Junyang kept silent for a while and then finally met her eyes seriously. There was no emotion on his usual tough face and nothing could be seen.

Shi Qingxue was doubtful but she always couldn’t see through Mo Junyang’s emotion. She looked at him for a while and had to give up. Then she went back to the previous subject. “I don’t want to go to the back yard. I just want to see your house. Can’t I see it?”

She said the last sentence casually, but next second, she saw a faint blush flashing on his face. When she looked at him again, he showed a poker face as usual.

Something weird flashed on Shi Qingxue’s mind, and she asked subconsciously, “Are you feeling shy?”

Mo Junyang couldn’t control himself anymore. He turned around again and retorted rudely, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

It was obvious that the more he tried to hide, the more he was exposed.

Shi Qingxue was petrified for a while and then couldn’t help laughing. Her displeasure after being neglected disappeared. A faint and special joy came to her heart.

The feeling that she got something precious belonging to her only and nobody could see was so wonderful.

“Mo Junyang…” she called softly.

In her voice, there was sweetness and charm that even she didn’t realize, as if a cat tried to please somebody in a spoiled manner. Even if Mo Junyang took sulks, he couldn’t help looking back.

The beautiful yet not feminine face was red, as if she was shy or joyful, which made Mo Junyang excited. He replied gently, “Yes.”


Shi Qingxue wanted to say, “You are so cute when you get angry,” or, “I just want to see and know more about you.” These words were in her throat, but she didn’t speak a word in the end.

However, nobody knew what Mo Junyang thought of, and he said, “If you really want to see, I will take you to my house.”

King Rui’s mansion was under his control, and he didn’t worry that Qingxue’s reputation would be affected if she went to a man’s house, but thinking of the stuff in that room, he sighed in secret.

Shi Qingxue’s eyes were glittering. She nodded repeatedly. “Okay. Okay.”

She thought Mo Junyang was afraid that she would tell somebody else and assured him seriously, “Rest assured. I will never tell anybody what I will see or give them a chance to threaten you.”

When she was just reborn, she trusted Mo Junyang for no reason, and now she totally took him as one of her own, as important as her parents.

Mo Junyang was amused by Qingxue’s imagination and satisfied with her words. He enjoyed her closeness to him.

It was because he didn’t know what Shi Qingxue was thinking, and if he did, he would get angry.

“What’s the name of your house? Is there a lake, too? And…”

Shi Qingxue followed Mo Junyang and asked many questions, but he didn’t give any reply. He just said, “You will know when you get there.”

When Qingxue reached the gates of his residence, she was stunned.

Love Xue House.

As she looked at the three words on the plaque and immediately thought that was Mo Junyang’s handwriting. She believed his handwriting was beautiful, and then Love Xue House’s meaning occupied her mind.

Love Xue, it was self-evident.

Even if Shi Qingxue was not sensitive about love, she couldn’t help flushing and didn’t dare to look at Mo Junyang.

Perhaps he was mentally prepared, so he didn’t panic as before. He just said, “Let’s go inside and have a look.”

Shi Qingxue’s blood froze and to be honest, she wanted to run away, but Mo Junyang walked in front of her, and she had to bite the bullet and follow him. But every time she took a step, her heart beat faster, as if she walked on thin ice, which was dangerous and thrilling.

But when she went into the courtyard and saw the scene clearly, she got stiffened. She turned her head to look at Mo Junyang. As she looked into his eyes, they remained silent.

It was because of nothing but the desolate scene before her eyes couldn’t be more familiar to her.

In the previous life, Shi Qingxue lived in the Cold Palace for a longer time than in the empress’s residence, the Phenix Palace. The desolate and cheerless Cold Palace was her nightmare. She had thought that she would never go back to that hell, but unexpectedly, she had been reborn and returned to the “Cold Palace” in this way under the situation.

She felt Mo Junyang’s gaze, but she couldn’t give him a smile as usual. She didn’t even have the energy to look at him.

They stood there quietly for a long time till Mo Junyang started to panic and thought he had done something wrong. Then Qingxue asked in a trembling voice, “Why?”

Mo Junyang couldn’t reply but asked knowingly, “What? Why?”

Shi Qingxue didn’t allow him to escape. “Why do you still like such a place? Haven’t you had enough in the previous life…”

Shi Qingxue sighed in a low voice and interrupted herself immediately. She looked at Mo Junyang nervously and felt a little inexplicably guilty instead of being depressed earlier.

She wasn’t supposed to know that after her death, Mo Junyang changed the structure of the imperial palace in Mo Country and turned the deserted Cold Palace into the emperor’s residence. Nobody could understand why or dare to say anything. They just obeyed this tyrant silently.

In the beginning, Qingxue didn’t know what Mo Junyang was thinking, either. She just thought he was abnormal and had a weird temper. It was not surprising no matter what absurd things he did, but later, she witnessed this man…

She shook her head and tried to shake off what she shouldn’t think of. She opened her mouth and wanted to change the subject, but Mo Junyang whispered, lost in thought, “Haven’t you had enough in the previous life? Who did you refer to?”

Shi Qingxue knew that Mo Junyang misunderstood, but she didn’t want him to know that she had paid attention to him in secret for more than fifty years. She believed that he wouldn’t hope everything that he had done in the past to be exposed in front of her, so she took the opportunity to admit, “Hmm, I had enough of living there.”

Mo Junyang stared at Shi Qingxue for quite a while again, as if he wanted to confirm if she told the truth, but at last, he just nodded. “If you don’t like it, I will tell them to change it in a few days,”

he said casually, like he was saying that if she didn’t like this dish, he would tell them to cook it once more.

Even if Shi Qingxue was clear that Mo Junyang would do as he said, she still couldn’t control herself but goggled. “No. I didn’t mean to interfere in your private affair, but don’t you think it’s weird to live in such a place?”

She wanted to ask this question since long ago. No matter how weird he was, he shouldn’t be abnormal and think a place like the Cold Palace was a comfortable home.

It was more uncomfortable to live in this depressing, boring and desolate place than to abuse himself.

Mo Junyang shrugged and responded casually, “I am used to it, but I won’t in the future.”

Fine, it was the second time that he reassured her.

Shi Qingxue really wanted to say that he didn’t need to care about what she thought, but personally, she was unwilling to see the architecture here again. She had to endure the uncomfortable feeling and said, “That’s all right. In fact, you don’t need to live a life like an ascetic monk. After all…”

She wanted to say that the previous life was in the past, but such words couldn’t comfort them as they had been reborn. It was better not to say.

Mo Junyang noticed her feeling bad. Before she finished her words, he agreed. “I will.”

Okay, they had said that. Shi Qingxue lost her enthusiasm to visit King Rui’s mansion. “I want to go back home.”

Mo Junyang didn’t want her to leave so soon, but he had no choice. He nodded. “I will send you back!”

“No, thanks!” Shi Qingxue refused automatically, but his determined eyes told her that he would never let her go home alone, even if the manservants and maids of the Shi Family were waiting at the gate.

Shi Qingxue felt awkward and let Mo Junyang send her back home. Before she got out of the carriage, she suddenly remembered Mo Yuzhen’s words and then told him what had happened on the Moon Mountain, hoping that it wouldn’t ruin his plan.

Mo Junyang frowned after hearing that, which made Qingxue restless and wonder if she was a doomsayer.

Then the man asked, “Does Shi Baojin dare to make trouble for you again?”

Shi Qingxue was unable to answer.

She admired his ability to misunderstand and touched her forehead helplessly. “Do you know what the point is? I said Yuzhen might make trouble for Shi Baojin’s marriage. Will it ruin your plan?”

Mo Junyang didn’t reply but frowned and asked, “Do you know I have a plan?”

If this man didn’t look at her as if he had a secret, she might believe that it was a coincidence, but now she just wanted to laugh. “I am leaving now.”

Anyway, his relaxed attitude told her that no matter what Mo Yuzhen would do, it wouldn’t affect him.

Mo Junyang didn’t stop Qingxue from getting out of the carriage. He watched her walk into Duke Shi’s mansion and thought for a while before ordering, “Go to the imperial palace.”

Shi Qingxue didn’t know what she said casually would overturn heaven and earth. She was happily receiving the good news brought by her parents.
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