The Great Planned Marriage: Becoming A Splendid Princess

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Chapter 59 - Became a Scapegoat

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They looked at each other and felt very embarrassed.

“Hui, it’s not like what you have seen. Don’t get me wrong.” Shi Junhe hurriedly explained. If Zhou Ruru weren’t holding him tight, he could leave her alone and explain to Dong Hui in details.

But in the eyes of others, he just said something indifferently, and didn’t take any actions.

At this time, Zhou Ruru also smiled at Dong Hui, and took the initiative to explain, “Sister Dong, don’t be mad. There’s nothing between me and Brother Shi. I just accidentally twisted my ankle while dancing, and Brother Shi happened to be there. So he brought me back to the Langyue Pavilion in passing.”

Such an explanation made nothing but bad effects!

Dong Hui’s eyes were bleak, and she barely showed a smile, “Really? Spraining your ankle is not a trivial matter. You need to take a good rest.”

Zhou Ruru nodded shyly, “Thank you for your concern. I will. But I still need to bother Brother Shi to hold me back to the room.”

Shi Junhe couldn’t explain even though he wanted to. He had already taken her to the door of the Langyue Pavilion, it was impossible for him to leave her there at this moment. But there showed more anger on Dong Hui’s face, which made him uncomfortable.

Just when he was in such a dilemma, Shi Qingxue suddenly said, “Daddy, are you tired?”

Shi Junhe was stunned. He didn’t understand the intention of Qingxue’s question. Then she turned to Xia Mang and said, “Xia Mang, you go help and hold Aunt Ru back to the Langyue Pavilion and settle her down.”

After she arranged it like this, she didn’t even give Zhou Ruru any chance to refuse, and smiled innocently, “Daddy must be tired after holding her back for such a long way. If Aunt Ru becomes guilty because of this, it will be too bad!”

Zhou Ruru was so angry in her heart, but she couldn’t show it. Still, she had to praise her, smiling and nodding, “Qingxue is really thoughtful.”

Shi Qingxue smiled happily, “Sure! After all, Aunt Ru is not that light!”

No matter under what circumstances, the weight of a woman was always the topic that couldn’t be mentioned. Even though Zhou Ruru wouldn’t like to offend Shi Qingxue, she couldn’t help being angry at this time.

But Xia Mang didn’t give her time to argue. She took the person away from Shi Junhe’s arms right away and carried her back to the Langyue Pavilion.

Witnessing this scene, Shi Junhe found it both funny and annoying. He touched Qingxue’s nose, “You have so many tricks!”

Shi Qingxue hit his hand unhappily and pouted her mouth angrily, “Huh! You are blaming it on me! Let’s see how you are going to explain to my mother.”

When Zhou Ruru whined to Shi Junhe a moment ago, Dong Hui couldn’t bear it and returned to the main room.

Shi Junhe sighed helplessly and hurried to the main room to pacify his wife.

“Qingxue, would anything happen to father and mother?” Shi Baoning looked with concern at the direction where Shi Junhe had left.

She just had an appointment with Dong Hui to come to chat with Shi Qingxue, but she didn’t expect it to be such a coincidence. They happened to meet. She didn’t know what trouble would be caused.

Shi Qingxue blinked and smiled treacherously, “Do you want to know? Then we will know if we go and have a look.”

After that, Shi Qingxue instantly grabbed Shi Baoning and secretly followed up.


When Shi Junhe hurried back to the main room, he saw Dong Hui sitting alone in the bedroom angrily. She didn’t make any reactions when he came in, as if he didn’t exist.

He was also embarrassed, but instead he teased her, “Well. Who is so bold to make my beautiful wife angry? Tell me quickly. I’ll go teach him a lesson!”

Dong Hui squinted at him, “Who do you think it is?”

Duke Shi pretended to be solemn, coughed and said seriously, “Do you servants not take a good care of her and annoy her?”

It was not the first time that Mammy Zheng had seen this couple argue, so she responded fluently, “Master, you are wronging us. How dare we to disrespect Madam?”

Duke Shi clapped his hands and said firmly, “That must be Qingxue being too naughty. I will teach her a lesson later!”

An innocent girl who was eavesdropping outside the door became a scapegoat.

Dong Hui snorted angrily, “Don’t blame others! My baby girl is so good. She is caring and smart, and she never makes me angry.”

Duke Shi immediately pretended to be embarrassed and sighed, “Then it’s so difficult! Who else can it be?”

Dong Hui wanted to ignore Shi Junhe. But seeing his strange look when he frowned and blinked, she laughed out, but she quickly showed her anger and stared at Shi Junhe.

Shi Junhe felt frightened. This problem was serious at this time!

He had to wave his hand to make the subordinates go out. He closed the door and coaxed his wife shamelessly, “My love, I’m wrong. Please forgive me this time!”

Dong Hui ignored him.

When there were only two of them, Shi Junhe completely disregarded the pride of Duke Shi. So he pleased her in a low voice again, “If you are really angry with me, then vent your anger on me! Don’t make it harm your health, or I will be really regretful!”

After that, he walked to the front of Dong Hui and grabbed her hand to slap on his face.

Dong Hui cared for her husband and before she slapped on his face, she took back her hand. She couldn’t help but show fear and worries on her face, and said nervously, “Are you mad? What if you are really hurt?”

Shi Junhe knew that Dong Hui couldn’t bear to hurt him, and he was overjoyed in his heart. But he still said generously, “If my wife is not angry any more, I will do anything!”

“Huh! Don’t pretend to be so generous. You know that I don’t bear to hurt you.” Dong Hui angrily snorted and immediately revealed Shi Junhe’s thoughts.

Shi Junhe didn’t feel embarrassed. Instead, he took Dong Hui’s hand and said sincerely, “Hui, don’t think too much about it. There is really nothing between me and Zhou Ruru. Today, I just happened to be there when she sprained her ankle, so I brought her back.”

How was it possible that Dong Hui didn’t know the truth? But when a woman saw her husband holding another woman, even though she could understand, she would still feel uncomfortable, “Of course I know it. If you dare to have other thoughts on her, I will castrate you!”

As soon as she became tough, Shi Junhe certainly promised immediately. He also sighed, “I have a fierce wife at home. I don’t dare not to obey her words!”

“What? Are you tired of this fierce wife and hoping for a pretty young lady?” Dong Hui raised her eyebrows.

Shi Junhe quickly apologized, “I don’t dare.”

The couple were intimate in the room for a while, completely unaware that their conversation was all heard by the two girls outside.

Shi Baoning blushed and was too embarrassed. She grabbed Qingxue and was about to leave, “Qingxue, father and mother have reconciled with each other. Let’s go back!”

Shi Qingxue was interested at this time, so of course she refused to leave, “Don’t hurry to leave. They are still talking!”

“It’s inappropriate for us to hear those words!”

Shi Qingxue didn’t think there was anything wrong. She made a gesture to shush her and pointed inside the room, “Hush, they mentioned something else.”

“Hui, I discussed with Chi yesterday and then asked for an imperial decree from the Emperor. In the future, Chi will enter the City Guardian Army and become the Right Guardian. He will be in charge of guarding the peace and the processions in the capital city.”

When Shi Junhe told her this arrangement, Dong Hui immediately frowned, “Chi is doing well in the Shi Army. Why should he enter the City Guardian Army?”

“The City Guardian Army is a royal army. It gives him much better treatment than the Shi Army. Besides, this time he made a great contribution to the war in the northwest, so the Emperor also promoted his official position. He is now the Zhongwu General of the fourth grade.” Shi Junhe explained the benefits brought to Wenren Chi by this change in details.

But Dong Hui did not buy it, “Even if he enters the royal army, so what? Can he be more comfortable than he is when our own people take care of him? Besides, haven’t you said that it is ruled by the guidance of the Shi Family that a son in the Shi Family should be in the Shi Army for his whole life?”

Shi Junhe smiled helplessly, “Shi is not Chi’s last name anyway…”

Dong Hui’s eyes suddenly became sharp, “What do you mean?”

“No, I didn’t mean that.” Shi Junhe also realized that he was wrong, and quickly explained, “The City Guardian Army is a good place to practice. Chi is still young, and it’s always good for him to go out and steel himself.”

“It’s not a reason.” Dong Hui sneered and pointed on Shi Junhe’s chest, “Wenyu, we have lived together for more than 20 years. Do you think I really don’t understand what you are thinking? You never regard Chi as your own son in your heart!”

Shi Junhe quickly denied, “Of course I do. Since I took him back, I have regarded him as my own son. But the Shi Family needs an heir to the title!”

Dong Hui was stunned, and looked upset, “Are you still blaming me for not bearing a son for you?”

Shi Junhe was astonished for a moment, and explained anxiously, “No. Don’t think too much about it. After all, the title doesn’t belong to me alone. If it is inherited by an outsider, how will I explain it to my deceased father?”

“Explain? Doesn’t what we have decided before count?” Dong Hui didn’t accept Shi Junhe’s remarks at all and snorted, “Do you forget our plan when father hasn’t passed away years ago?

We have decided at that time that when Qingxue grows up, we will marry her to Chi and then this title will be inherited by their son. Father didn’t even object to this decision. What do you mean by saying these now?”

Shi Junhe’s face was stiff, and he was very embarrassed. He tried to explain, “Isn’t that something which is still unsure now?”

At this time, there was suddenly a noise at the door. Both of them in the room were startled. She Junhe yelled, “Who is there? Come inside.”

Shi Qingxue was accidentally found, so she had to push the door and go inside the room awkwardly. She said in a low voice, “Dad. Mom. It’s me. Don’t quarrel any more.”

Shi Junhe saw that their daughter had found him quarreling with Dong Hui, and he became extremely awkward. He said exasperatedly, “So rude. Do you only learn to eavesdrop after being taught so much about etiquette?”

Shi Qingxue lowered her head while Shi Junhe criticized her. Dong Hui became unhappy and snorted, “What do you scold her for? This is related to her interests. How can’t she hear it?”

“Mother, I never wish to inherit the title of my father.” Shi Qingxue quickly waved her hands to clarify her standpoint.

In her two lifetimes, she never dreamed of inheriting her father’s title!

Shi Junhe took the opportunity to say quickly, “Look! Children have their own thoughts. Now Qingxue has grown up. She has her own plans. They won’t live happily if you force her to marry Chi.”
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