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Chapter 55 - Peeking

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Shi Qingxue didn’t mind it and pouted, “What if grandmother really drove mother out if I didn’t do it?”

Shi Junhe saw his wife’s face dim, he quickly reached out and held Dong Hui’s small hand, sighing, “As long as you won more time, I would be back soon. Wouldn’t there be nothing then? Why did you have to oppose your grandmother? She is the senior anyway!”

He talked about this theory again.

Shi Qingxue muttered with dissatisfaction, “But if Mo Junyang hadn’t told me that you were back, I wouldn’t have known that you were about to enter the city. How should I win more time?”

Shi Junhe also realized that he was making an impossible presupposition. But when he thought that Shi Qingxue was against Mo Shujun today and there must be a lot of risks later, he became worried. But if his wife was wronged because of this, he was completely unwilling.

Dilemma finally turned into a sigh, “Hui, I’m sorry that you are wronged.”

Dong Hui quickly shook her head and held back Shi Junhe’s hand, “I won’t feel wronged because I have you two.”

“Ouch!” Shi Qingxue screamed strangely, covering her right face suddenly.

The couple were shocked and asked, “What happened?”

Shi Qingxue muttered for a while, but she didn’t look uncomfortable. Instead, she smiled, “My teeth sore!”

The couple first stunned, and then realized that their daughter was teasing them!

Instead, Shi Junhe held Dong Hui even tighter, and raised his eyebrows at Qingxue, “What? Are you envious?”

Dong Hui’s face turned red, and she scolded, “No manners.”

“Ahem!” Shi Junhe coughed and then looked at Qingxue seriously, “Mo Junyang… I am backing home less than six hours, and I have heard his name from you several times.”

“Huh? Qingxue, aren’t you going to explain to us?” This time it was Shi Junhe’s turn to target at Shi Qingxue.

Shi Qingxue’s face froze and she wanted it to pass with some laughter, “Well, dad, isn’t the Emperor going to set a banquet for you? When is it? Can we also go? How was brother injured? Is it bad? Do we…”

She spoke so much quickly without a pause. She almost said all the problems she could come up with, making the listeners shocked. They were surprised by Shi Qingxue’s eloquence.

However, General Shi was not so easy to fool. He patiently waited for Shi Qingxue to finish her words, and then smiled slightly, “These are not urgent. You explain your relationship with Mo Junyang to us first!”

Dong Hui also asked, “Yes. In this afternoon, how could you call the name of King Rui’s eldest son? And with him…”

Those things might seem normal at first, but if you thought about them more carefully, they all exceeded what were proper!

At this time Qingxue’s face became hot and her eyes fluttered, but she didn’t escape the eyes of them two. So she had to explain carefully, “I and Mo Jun…His Highness are just friends. He has helped me a lot… I also trust him… So that’s it!”

Shi Qingxue also couldn’t explain her relationship with Mo Junyang in such a few words, and finally stopped talking.

Shi Junhe was dissatisfied with this explanation, “Some days ago, Master Leng, Assistant Minister of the Ministry of War, told me that thanks to Mo Junyang, the food was transferred successfully this time. During the war, my army had been difficult for many times and we got help every time. They even sent us the defense drawing of the Liang Country.

At first we thought it was a bait deliberately released by the Liang Country, but later several parties verified that the thing was indeed true, so that we defeated the Liang Army.”

“Did you win because of this?” Shi Qingxue muttered secretly. No wonder she didn’t feel it real that Shi Junhe came back with triumph.

In this war in her previous life, the Mo Country was defeated. Its land was indemnified and compensation was made. They even sent Fourth Princess, Mo Yulan, to marry to the Liang Country in order to settle it down.

Shi Qingxue frowned, and asked in confusion, “So what does this have to do with Mo Junyang?”

Qingxue always called his name, and forgot to use “His Highness” this time.

Shi Junhe and Dong Hui looked at each other and both saw anxiety in the eyes. But the former just replied calmly, “Because it was Mo Junyang’s subordinate who had helped the Shi Army.”

“What?” Shi Qingxue stood up in shock.

How did Mo Junyang know that the Shi Army would encounter difficulties? How did he offer help in time? He seemed to have foreseen it!

Shi Qingxue was anxious in her heart but hid her worries, asking, “Mo Junyang is now the study company of Crown Prince. Are you sure that it’s not Crown Prince who has asked him to help the Shi Army?”

Shi Junhe did not think of it. He frowned and thought for a moment before he said, “It’s not impossible.”

“But how can Crown Prince know about the situation in the northwest?” He even got the enemy’s defense drawing.

If Mo Junyu were really so powerful, then the situation in the court wouldn’t be as peaceful as it seemed at present.

Shi Junhe was about to praise Qingxue’s smart mind, when he suddenly thought of the purpose of bringing it up, and then he looked serious again, “Don’t change the subject. How did you know Mo Junyang exactly?”

Shi Qingxue was still thinking about the last question. She didn’t expect that Mo Junyang had done so many things for the Shi Family silently behind her, which made her more complicated.

After a while, she squeezed a smile, “His Highness is also a relative to our family. I should call him Brother Yang. What is strange about me knowing him?”

Shi Junhe looked at Qingxue firmly for a while, and was sure that his daughter had no intention to confess, but he didn’t continue to ask. He only said, “I know you know much about manners, and I don’t want to restrain you. But there’s only one thing. You must protect yourself well, you know?”

It was hard to hide his much love for her. Shi Qingxue’s smile bloomed like a flower, and quickly responded, “I know, dad. Don’t talk this much. Now you’re finally home. You should have a nice sleep holding my mom. I won’t disturb you any more!”

After that, Qingxue was afraid that Shi Junhe would catch her and ask about Mo Junyang again. She quickly ran away.

The couple were teased by their daughter and felt embarrassed but funny. Dong Hui thought for a while and sighed helplessly, “Wenyu, there are other possibilities in what you have said. But you didn’t know that I was really anxious this afternoon!”

She told him everything that had happened in the restaurant this afternoon, and said worriedly at the end, “I haven’t realized that the two of them were close until today. Now I don’t think Qingxue is fond of Mo Junyang, but Mo Junyang’s attitude is…”

That explicit possessiveness was not hidden at all. Dong Hui thought whether she was being too sensitive, but she did feel that Mo Junyang was demonstrating in front of her.

Shi Junhe also frowned deeply, “King Rui should have no close relationship with our family!”

“Indeed! But Mo Junyang happened to be sick in our house a few days ago, and stayed here for a month. Maybe I didn’t notice at that time… Well, blame it on me!”

Dong Hui couldn’t stop blaming herself, and felt that she found it too late. If she knew it earlier, and separated the two, maybe it wouldn’t be as hard to handle as it was at this moment!

But she probably didn’t know that she was not only one month late, but to be precisely, she was a lifetime late.

“Okay, take things as they come. That being the case, thinking more about it won’t help. Just look how it goes in the future! Maybe things won’t be so terrible?” Shi Junhe hugged his wife and comforted her.

He was also wondering in his mind: In the past, he was almost unimpressed of Mo Junyang. But at this moment, it seemed that he was like the old saying that it never rained but it poured. If that being so, he was afraid that he should really think more about it.

Maybe he could be a good husband for Shi Qingxue?

Shi Junhe didn’t mind it and let go of this matter for a while. He held up Dong Hui and walked to the bedroom, “Love, let’s have a good rest!”

Dong Hui said snorted with shyness, “Unscrupulous!”


Mo Junyang didn’t know he had flattered his father-in-law. He lived in the Langyue Pavilion of the Shi Family again out of the reason that he had things to talk about with Shi Junhe, but he didn’t have the chance to talk to Shi Qingxue for a whole night.

In the end, he couldn’t bear it. He climbed the wall in the middle of the night and jumped onto her roof.

But unexpectedly, he found that there was still another person standing there.

Before Mo Junyang spoke, he was questioned by the other party first, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

“I’ll give you back the second question.” Mo Junyang glanced at the other party coldly, and yelled, “General Wenren, you climb up to the roof of a girl’s boudoir in the midnight. Aren’t you afraid that it will be spread out and you will be spurned?”

The person who stood opposite Mo Junyang was Shi Junhe’s adopted son, Wenren Chi, who was the eldest in the third generation of the Shi Family.

Wenren Chi was a posthumous child of Shi Junhe’s friend. His friend died in the war when he was young, and his wife committed suicide after giving birth to the child, leaving Wenren Chi alone. So Shi Junhe adopted him.

Even in honor of his friends, Shi Junhe didn’t make Wenren Chi’s family name Shi.

At home, Wenren Chi was the honorable eldest son of the Shi Family, and might also be the heir to the title. Outside, he was the vice leader of the Shi Army, admired by thousands of people.

The two stared at each other silently for a while. Wenren Chi first gave in, and his originally calm face became red, not knowing why.

He only said awkwardly, “I’m just here to appreciate the moon.”

Mo Junyang nodded and deliberately looked up at the sky, “Well, the moonlight is pretty good.”

The night sky was so dark that only few stars could be seen.

Wenren Chi’s ears turned red this time. His body was stiff, and he reluctantly asked, “Who the hell are you? What are you doing on the roof of Qingxue’s room?”

Mo Junyang didn’t want to talk to this person. But thinking that Shi Qingxue attached great importance of this brother, he nodded and said, “I am Mo Junyang. I drank too much at dinner. The Langyue Pavilion is a bit short, so I want to come up to the roof to make my mind clear.”

This explanation was reasonable. Even if he knew about his intention, he couldn’t find a refutation. Not to mention that Wenren Chi had a guilty conscience, he could only nod without doubt.

“That being the case, then I won’t bother Your Highness to sober up. I shall leave first!” Even if Wenren Chi had some thoughts, he should suppress them at this moment.

He was afraid that he would really cause any trouble for Shi Qingxue if he appeared here in the middle of the night. He just said a few words before leaving, which made it convenient for Mo Junyang.

Mo Junyang politely watched Wenren Chi leave, and then he didn’t hesitate to occupy the best position on the roof. He looked down, and there was no embarrassment of the peeper at all.
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