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Chapter 54 - They Were All Yours...So Was I

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Mo Junyang got closer to Shi Qingxue. There was almost no distance between them, “Sister Xue, are you thirsty?”

“No, I’m not.” Shi Qingxue didn’t notice that Mo Junyang slowed down his speaking, she just waved her hand and continued to look out of the window.

Mo Junyang was not annoyed. Instead, he turned around and poured a cup of plum juice for Shi Qingxue, “This is the plum juice that I specially ask others to save for you. Isn’t this your favorite? Even though you are not thirsty, just drink a little bit!”

It was winter, so it was almost impossible to find plums.

Shi Qingxue subconsciously followed Mo Junyang’s action and took a sip. After she tasted it, she found out that it was her favorite drink, and she narrowed her eyes with happiness. Not realizing how ambiguous their interaction was, she smiled sweetly, “Thanks.”

Dong Hui had no intention of seeing the situation downstairs at this moment. Her eyes were as round as bull’s eyes, and her mouth couldn’t be closed in surprise.

However, as for the two parties, one didn’t notice it, while the other didn’t care about it. They were getting closer and closer.

Just when Dong Hui was about to explode, a shout sounded outside, “The Shi Army comes back with triumph!”

The cheering shouts arose suddenly, attracting everyone’s attention.

Shi Qingxue looked at the distance, and saw a group of neatly dressed soldiers on the horse entering the city from the gate, headed by Duke Shi Junhe.

“Father! Father!” Shi Qingxue hadn’t seen Shi Junhe for a long time. It was so long that she almost thought her father would not come back.

But Shi Junhe was back!

She looked at her living father, as tall and mighty as she remembered!

And her elder brother, Wenren Chi!

Shi Qingxue couldn’t restrain her emotions and shouted at the street with joy. Fortunately, the cheers on the street also got louder, so almost no one noticed what happened in the restaurant.

Just almost.

The two men who rode the horses in the front distinguished the delicate sweet call from the thousands of cheers and looked at the restaurant at the same time.

Finding Qingxue’s excited cheering figure, the two men’s serious faces became gentle, waving at the restaurant.

The people below were even more ecstatic and shouted, “General Shi is good! He has kicked away the Liang Country’s rebels!”

“General Wenren is so handsome!”

“The Shi Army is the greatest…”

Such words of praise went louder and louder, moving in the direction where the army was heading.

Shi Qingxue watched her father walk past her. Even there was only a back figure left, she was not disappointed.

The Shi Army was going to meet the Emperor at this moment. After that, her father and brother would accompany her for a long time!

“Mo Junyang, let’s go back to the house! Dad will come back later. I want to welcome them at the gate.” Shi Qingxue was full of joy and couldn’t wait to share it with Mo Junyang.

She didn’t notice that Dong Hui’s original expression of joy changed because of her words, and she looked at the two in surprise again.

Mo Junyang responded calmly, “Of course. I will accompany you back to your house. I just have something to discuss with Duke Shi.”

However, Shi Qingxue disagreed, and she pouted her mouth, “No! Dad belongs to me and mom after he comes back from the court. You can’t grab him away!”

“Little fool.” Mo Junyang only felt that Shi Qingxue, who was immersed in joy, seemed to have returned to the innocent age of fifteen or sixteen. Her mind was simple and childish, but unexpectedly it made him fond of her.

Even thought it was not the right time, he still couldn’t help reaching out and pinching Qingxue’s nose, and his voice was unconsciously softened, “I won’t take him away. They are all yours… So am I.”

Shi Qingxue exploded before he finished his words, and impolitely slapped Mo Junyang’s hand, covering her nose, “Why did you do that?”

Mo Junyang was not annoyed at all, and looked at her with a smirk. His eyes did not conceal the enthusiastic emotion in his heart.

After looking at each other for a while, Shi Qingxue couldn’t bear it and turned her face away. She murmured in annoyance, “You always use this trick!”

“Qingxue!” Dong Hui finally shouted, staring at them in amazement.

Shi Qingxue realized that her interaction with Mo Junyang was all watched by Dong Hui. Her small face suddenly became hot, and turned to pout her mouth towards Mo Junyang with anger. Then she ran to Dong Hui with small steps and grabbed Dong Hui’s arm, “Mother, I was just joking with Mo Junyang. Don’t be angry.”

Dong Hui’s anger disappeared when she looked at Shi Qingxue’s blinking eyes. She felt not good in her heart and said, “Then after the joke, we should go back first! Your father is still waiting for us to welcome him!”

Shi Qingxue immediately forgot her ambiguity with Mo Junyang, she couldn’t wait to urge Dong Hui to go back, “Let’s go back now!”

Before Dong Hui left, she couldn’t help but look back again, and once again met Mo Junyang’s gaze. She was astonished again.

Unlike his gentle sight before when he looked at Shi Qingxue, Mo Junyang’s gaze was so cold that it made everyone frozen even with one glance.

Dong Hui turned her head around and didn’t dare to look at him. She quickly caught up with Shi Qingxue.


The Shi Army led by Shi Junhe defeated the Liang Country’s army. The Emperor was so overjoyed that he gave him numerous rewards and planned to set up a banquet to give award to him.

How honored he was with such glory! Let alone the seniors and juniors in the Shi Family, even the nobles who were used to being arrogant in the capital city didn’t dare to bother Shi Junhe at this moment.

Therefore, when Shi Junhe returned to the house of the Shi Family, everyone was preparing the family dinner happily, and no one mentioned the matter of divorcing his wife at this time to annoy Shi Junhe.

Shi Junhe didn’t know that his wife had been wronged, but Shi Qingxue would not miss such a good opportunity to sue them.

After returning to the east garden of the First Master’s Family, Shi Qingxue told Shi Junhe what had happened in the ancestral hall in details.

Her expression was very concise, and it was too late even though Dong Hui tried to stop her.

However, when Shi Baoning heard Qingxue repeat what she had said before, she felt embarrassed and awkward. She was stiff for a while and then said, “Qingxue actually still resents me! But after all, grandmother is the senior. I should be blamed for not having courage…”

However, this time Qingxue didn’t care for her pride, and straightforwardly asked, “Shouldn’t I resent you?”

Shi Baoning’s face became pale, and was speechless. She held her breath and choked herself.

After all, she was born by Dong Hui. Even though Dong Hui was angry before, she couldn’t bear to see Shi Baoning’s poor and helpless look.

Glancing at Qingxue with complaining, she pretended to scold her, “Only you can talk? What time is it now? Aren’t you afraid to disturb your father’s rest?”

Shi Qingxue smiled and hid into her father’s arms shamelessly as she did when she was young. She even protruded her tongue towards Dong Hui, “Huh! Dad is so powerful. He won’t be tired! He comes back specially to speak up for mother. Am I right, dad?”

Shi Junhe had a square face, so when he didn’t smile, he looked dignified and made others feel invisible pressure since he was in a high position for a long time. But he couldn’t keep grave in front of his little daughter.

Instead, he touched Qingxue’s head lovingly, and smiled, “Yes, yes! Qingxue is so great. Of course you are right!”

Then his voice changed. He turned his attention to Shi Baoning. When she became anxious and embarrassed, he asked, “Baoning, is there anything false in Qingxue’s words?”

Shi Baoning shook her head, “No, but…”

“Have you said those words?” Shi Junhe asked again without giving her a chance to explain.

Shi Baoning was even more overwhelmed and wanted to deny it, but could only nod silently in the stare of her father.

However, she was not willing to be questioned by Shi Junhe in this way, and asked mutely, “Father, do you believe that it’s my fault based on these words? Do you think that I have no filial piety and have no advantage at all?”

The more she said, the more she felt wronged. The tears slipped down her cheeks.

But Shi Junhe just glanced at her lightly and smiled again, “No, you are not wrong.”

The smile on Shi Baoning’s face had not yet bloomed, she heard Shi Junhe said slowly, “How can you be wrong? You have been raised beside your grandmother. How can we blame you for being close to your grandmother?”

Shi Baoning’s smile froze on her face. Her face became pale, and she couldn’t make a sound even though she opened her mouth several times.

Dong Hui couldn’t bear it, and took the initiative to settle this down, “Fine, we are a family. Her filial piety to her grandmother also counts!”

She was afraid that Shi Junhe would annoy Shi Baoning, she took the initiative to say, “Wenyu, you don’t know yet! Some time ago, mother asked for the position of Infanta for Baoning. Now Baoning is also an Infanta with class of second grade! She is a good child, and it is reasonable that she is favored by her grandmother.”

Shi Junhe’s face became a bit gentle, he nodded at Shi Baoning and finally had a little pity in his eyes, “I know that you are good! You have your own considerations about today’s matter. I don’t blame you. Okay, it’s not early now. You go back and rest!”

Shi Baoning nodded, and looked at Qingxue, who still stayed in Shi Junhe’s arms. She was a little envious and seemed to be upset, asking in a low voice, “The Luotong Boudoir is close to the Jingshu Boudoir. Doesn’t Qingxue come together with me?”

“No, I haven’t filed all the complaints with my dad yet! I’m going to sleep with dad and mom tonight!” Shi Qingxue said reasonably, as if she really would continue to sue in her parents’ bed.

Duke Shi and his wife felt angry and funny, but Shi Junhe couldn’t bear to reprimand Qingxue. He only pretended to scold her, “How old are you and you still want to sleep with parents? Aren’t you ashamed? Who dares to marry you then!”

Speaking of this, Shi Junhe’s eyes blinked a bit and his thought floated away. But he became calm again, and no one saw his abnormal appearance. He gently command, “Baoning, Chi was injured in the northwestern battlefield this time. If you have time tomorrow, go to Jinhua Pavilion to see him!”

Shi Baoning’s eyes became anxious and looked towards Shi Junhe violently. Seeing that there was care in his strict look, she promised with tears.

Until Shi Baoning went away, Shi Qingxue buried herself in Shi Junhe’s arms again, saying, “Daddy, I really miss you!”

Shi Junhe suddenly heard such words. No matter how tough he was, his heart became soft. And he had to say to Dong Hui, “I thought my daughter had been raised by you for a long while and grown up a lot. But now she seems to be even more naive than she used to be.”

Dong Hui also laughed, “How do I know? I thought my daughter was only five years old this year instead of fifteen years old!”

These two people didn’t know that what made Shi Qingxue most painful was not that she was abolished by Mo Junhao or that she poisoned herself at last, but was that she didn’t even see them for the last time when they were killed.

At this moment, she regained such an opportunity. She treasured it even more and didn’t want to miss one second.

Shi Qingxue was not afraid of her father and mother joking, but grinned at the two and said proudly, “I don’t want to grow up in front of you! I will always be your baby daughter!”

“Baby! Aren’t you ashamed?” Shi Junhe teased.

The three then sat down around the old-fashioned square table again. Shi Junhe said in a serious look, “Qingxue, although you have saved your mother today, you are really reckless. That is your grandmother anyway!”
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