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Chapter 35 - Just Because I Was Powerless

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Xia Mang hurriedly dealt with everything, and then came to report to Shi Qingxue, “Chun Yu had been whipped thirty times, and had been applied medical ointment and sent away from the house. Jing Yu who had been raised to the servant in study room moved to live in the same room with Dong Shuang. A well-behaved and experienced third-class servant Jing Zhi was raised to fill the blank position.”

After Shi Qingxue heard all of it, she nodded and praised, “You have always been mature and calm. I believe you can do it well.”

Xia Mang hesitated for a moment, and asked at last, “As for that thing, I also have told a reliable person to do it. But there is one thing I don’t understand. Sixth Lady is our master, and you can just do whatever you want. Why do you need to…”

She didn’t say the following words, but Shi Qingxue knew what she meant, and then smiled reluctantly, “Do you want to ask why I am so tortuous?”

Xia Mang nodded and said confusedly, “Take Chun Yu as an example. You have figured out her maliciousness early, and in this way you redeem all the stolen things once she sells them. In this case, why do you tolerate and not reveal her? Why don’t you kick this scourge out earlier?”

If this was done early, things wouldn’t have been in such a great mess, and Dong Shuang wouldn’t have suffered such pain.

But right after she said, Xia Mang came up with a thought, and she blurted out, “Is Sixth Lady trying to make trouble bigger?”

“Xia Mang, you understand me.” Shi Qingxue nodded with joy.

“But why?”

Shi Qingxue stood in front of the window, raised her hands in front of her eyes, and watched the sunlight penetrate the fingers and shine on her face. Then she sighed softly, “Mang, I don’t have power in my hands!”

Whether she tolerated at this moment, or pretended to be silly and ignorant before, it was to make everyone think that Shi Qingxue was innocent and defenseless as she used to be.

Only in this way would no one guard against her, so that she could find a way to live in the Shi Family which was full of malice.

“In the Shi Family, I seem to be Sixth Lady who is the most favored, but I am just the Sixth Lady alone. I don’t have power or force. If grandmother doesn’t like me one day, what is left with me?”

What’s more, she still hadn’t figured out why Mo Shujun loved her so much yet, and how could she gamble everything on it alone?

Xia Mang was surprised and confused on her face, and she subconsciously wanted to deny it, but she couldn’t find a reason for refutation no matter how hard she thought. In the end, she could only say, “Sixth Lady, you don’t have to be an enemy of the Shi Family! You are so smart, and you definitely won’t…”

But Shi Qingxue sneered, “Smart? You think I’m smart, but I just have to give in because I don’t have the power!”

If her grandpa was still alive, why did she need to be as careful as she was today?

She knew well about the evil intentions of Third Master’s Family, but due to Mo Shujun’s love for them, she couldn’t say anything.

Knowing exactly how malicious Mo Shujun was against Dong Hui, she couldn’t just ask about it, and she still needed to be tortuous between them two.

It was all because she had no power!

Xia Mang paused. Suddenly she shook her head and said excitedly, “No, you are wrong.”

Shi Qingxue looked at Xia Mang in surprise, seeing that her eyes turned red because of her anxious, “How is your intelligence not a power? Is only strength called power? Then what’s the difference with the thoughtless courage?”

This time even Shi Qingxue was shocked.

She was astonished not because Xia Mang offended her master, it was surprised that Xia Mang’s words made her suddenly enlightened.


She was a delicate little girl. What about lack of strength in her hands? As long as she seized the opportunity and made good use of her ingenuity, one day she could finally achieve her goals.

“I was being silly just now. Mang, thank you!” Shi Qingxue showed a slight smile and sincerely thanked her.

Xia Mang scratched her head in embarrassment and said in a low voice, “You’re welcome. By the way, did you see Qiu Lu’s…”

She wanted to ask if Qingxue had found Qiu Lu’s malicious intentions, but she was afraid that all this was just her imagination.

Shi Qingxue smiled slyly at her, “You found it too!”

It really wasn’t her illusion.

Suddenly, two traitors appeared in Luotong Boudoir, and Xia Mang became anxious, “What should we do? Is Qiu Lu just envious? Or is she directed by others?”

“There is a saying that you will know whether it’s a mule of a horse once you pull it out! Don’t worry about it. We shall wait and see!”

Shi Qingxue obviously took less notice of it than Xia Mang, especially after she was enlightened just now, she became more energetic.

Her confidence reassured Xia Mang, who was still a little nervous.

“Sixth Lady, First Madam is here to see you.” Jing Yu lightly knocked on the door and said softly outsides.

Shi Qingxue thought that Dong Hui came to ask about Chun Yu and quickly responded, “I’ll be there right away.”

But when she went out, she found out that Dong Hui was not asking her about this. Dong Hui asked, “Qingxue, there are so many things today. I still haven’t asked why you come back with Mo Junyang?”

Shi Qingxue only told roughly the matter that Mo Yuzhen wanted to investigate the character of her husband, but didn’t explain the relationship between Mo Junyang and Xiangyue.

Dong Hui didn’t ask about the details, but frowned and said in a low voice, “Third Princess is being so willful. What if anything bad happened?”

This time, she should really be grateful to King Rui’s eldest son!

Shi Qingxue pursed her lips. Although she knew that Mo Junyang was pretending to be sick, she couldn’t help asking, “Is Mo Junyang better now?”

Dong Hui shook her head, looking serious, “Not so good. Dr. Shen and the royal doctor are treating him together. They tell a long list of symptoms, but I don’t understand after listening for a long time. In short, his illness is serious. He was awake for a while and then passed out again.”

Shi Qingxue felt a little astonished and suddenly felt that something was wrong.

If Mo Junyang was really just pretending to be ill, then he should be okay at this time. Why was even the royal doctor here?

“Mother, I want to see Mo… Mo Junyang. Is that okay?” Shi Qingxue was worried, but she was afraid that Dong Hui wouldn’t allow it because they had to avoid suspicion.

But after Dong Hui heard, she was overjoyed, and nodded, “Of course it is great! I was afraid that you were being mad at him and would not be willing to visit him.

Actually, I come to see you now to tell you this. Although the illness of King Rui’s eldest son has nothing to do with you this time, but after all, he sent you back home out of good intentions. So it is reasonable that you should go to visit him.”

Especially when those in Third Master’s Family filled the guest room, but First Master’s Family didn’t even make a move, and there should be someone who talked about Shi Qingxue’s ingratitude.

Shi Qingxue smiled bitterly, and thought in her heart that her arrogant image was really impressive.

But this was exactly what she wanted, and she didn’t explain at that moment. She just nodded, “Then let’s go there now!”

Shi Qingxue didn’t believe that Mo Junyang, who had won at last in her previous life, would really be in trouble. But once she thought of his pale face when he passed out, she felt worried.

What if anything really happened?

Or because of her rebirth…

Shi Qingxue didn’t care too much about that at that time, and hurried to the guest room with Dong Hui.

The room was already full of people. Second Master Shi Junfeng and Third Master Shi Juncai were all there and standing beside Mo Shujun. Shen Luo was kneeling beside the bed to treat Mo Junyang, while other royal doctors were watching anxiously.

The only good news was probably that Mo Junyang was awake.

As soon as Shi Qingxue entered, her eyes met with Mo Junyang’s.

The man’s eyes were deep, as if they were infused with magic, which made her heart beat but she couldn’t escape.

Everyone else glanced at her. Qingxue had to suppress the complex thoughts in her heart, and moved forward with elegant steps. She asked in a soft voice, “Your Excellency, how are you feeling?”

In her soft voice, there was sincere concern that even Shi Qingxue herself did not notice.

She really didn’t want him to be in trouble!

However, Mo Junyang noticed that, and his sight became more gentle and his expression was softer, making his cold face look warm and bright.

He controlled himself and nodded to Shi Qingxue, and said softly, “Thank you, Xue. It’s just a small problem. I’m good.”

The sunset slowly penetrated through the window and spread on the bed and on his body, Mo Junyang’s whole body seemed to be plated with gold.

The man was shining with the sunlight, which made him more handsome.

Shi Qingxue never expect that the cold and gloom man in her previous life had such a warm and gentle side, and she was a little stunned.

Shi Baojin, who followed her to enter the room, was originally asked by Zhou Ruyu to come reluctantly, but when she saw Mo Junyang, whose smile was like the spring breeze and warmth was like the sun, her heart began to beat fast.

What a good looking man…

Shi Baojin chose to ignore that he was weak and lying in bed because of his illness, her eyes and her heart were full of gentle smile of this man.

She stepped forward, and said joyfully, “Your Excellency, this is Shi Baojin. Is Your Excellency all good?”

Mo Junyang was suddenly interrupted, and the smile on his face disappeared. But the next second he slightly smiled again, and thanked her politely, “I’m fine. Thanks for Third Lady’s concern.”

Hearing the man called her Third Lady with his deep and magnetic voice, Shi Baojin’s whole heart fell into him.

Her eyes lighted up instantly, staring at Mo Junyang like a hungry wolf, but she said with her soft voice, “Your Excellency sent Qingxue back home but became ill because of it. I feel really guilty. And I’d like to apologize to you for Qingxue. Please don’t blame it on her for my sake.”

Mo Junyang, “…”

Shi Qingxue, “…”

Even if Mo Junyang fell ill because of Shi Qingxue, why did Shi Baojin come to apologize? Why was she anxious?

Mo Junyang really couldn’t understand the logic of the idiot girl, and had to say more politely, “Third Lady, don’t worry. It’s all my fault that I passed out just now, and it has nothing to do with your family.”

“How could you say so!” Shi Baojin was even more anxious, and she said quickly, “You passed out in the house of the Shi Family, and the whole family should be responsible for that. You should just rest and live here until you completely recover from it.”

Everyone, “…”

Everyone was beaten by Shi Baojin’s strange logic.

She was a lady in Third Master’s Family. Even if the guest was really invited to stay, it should never be her turn to do it. In addition, King Rui’s eldest son didn’t say that he would leave, but she tried to get close to him eagerly, she was being extremely flattering.

Moreover, the environment of the house of King Rui was much better than that of the house of Duke Shi. If he really needed to recuperate, he shouldn’t live in such a small guest room!

This girl really had been fascinated by his good look and no one could save her!

Mo Shujun sighed in regret that this guy could only make things worse. She was about to speak to let go of this topic, but Mo Junyang smiled again and looked calm unexpectedly.

“That being the case, then I should meet the requirement out of respect. I have to bother the Shi Family then!”

Mo Shujun, “…”

It must be that her listening was worse so that she heard it wrong. What did Mo Junyang just say?

He was going to stay?

How poor this environment would be to him!

Shen Luo looked at the shocked people in the Shi Family, and silently covered his face, “These people probably wouldn’t want to know that at this time, King Rui’s eldest son, who they thought was wronged and staying, was actually overjoyed in his heart.”
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