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Chapter 31 - We Together

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Qu Yuebai pushed the door and walked into the room. He met two pairs of cold eyes, especially those of his master’s, as if he was about to swallow him.

He touched his nose in guilty conscience, and stepped forward with the chill at his back, and reported, “Master, I found Princess Yuzhen just now in a room, and she was about to whip Mr. She. I failed to persuade her, and Princess insisted on hitting him. Then Xiangyue stopped her, and now Princess is resting next door.”

Shi Qingxue didn’t find out the difference between persuading and stopping, and she asked curiously, “What did you tell her? She was actually willing to rest next door?”

She couldn’t even move. Even though she was unwilling, it would be useless!

Qu Yuebai took back the words, and only said, “Mr. She was frightened, and Xiangyue was accompanying him to rest in the private room. Master, I’m afraid that today you…”

Thinking that Shi Qingxue was still in the room, he didn’t say it all clearly.

Mo Junyang waved his hand indifferently, and said what Qu Yuebai didn’t finish unequivocally, “We are still trying to figure out what the character of She Changfeng is. I never expect that we can get She Changfeng’s support as an alliance at the first time we meet. It’s okay if it won’t work out today!”

Qu Yuebai was so shocked that his eyeballs were about to fall down.

Why didn’t his master suddenly fear at all? The hearts of them subordinates were very fragile and couldn’t bear the stimulation!

Sitting opposite, Sixth Lady of the Shi Family’s look showed that it was really the same as what she had thought, as if she had already guessed the ambition of his master. Not only did she not care, but she was also relieved.

What were these two planning?

No matter how confused Qu Yuebai was, he understood one thing from Mo Junyang’s attitude, which was that Mo Junyang didn’t regard Shi Qingxue as an outsider, and he didn’t allow them to hide anything from Shi Qingxue.

However, his guess was not completely correct. In fact, Mo Junyang didn’t only regard Shi Qingxue as an outsider, but he already regarded her as a family member.

Were they allowed to hide anything from the consort of King Rui’s eldest son?

Shi Qingxue this time confirmed that Xiangyue was Mo Junyang’s subordinate. On the one hand, she admired his ability, on the other hand, she began to think about it carefully.

“Come here.” She waved her hand towards Qu Yuebai, with an excited look showing that she was going to whisper to him.

Qu Yuebai was compliant, and he was as obedient as a wooden stake, answering respectfully, “Sixth Lady, if you have any requirement, you can just tell me.”

No matter how Shi Qingxue waved her hand, he didn’t move a little.

He didn’t want to live!

Shi Qingxue tilted her head and looked at Mo Junyang, meeting with his innocent and pure sight.

Shi Qingxue, “…”

“Fine! It’s not a secret anyway.” She mumbled angrily, and said in a serious look, “Mr. Qu, could you please ask Xiangyue to do us a favor?”

“What favor?”

Shi Qingxue finally couldn’t help snickering, “It certainly is to have a careful investigation on that Mr. She!”

As she said, she also blinked innocently, implying, “This is also to help you get to know Mr. She better, right?”

Qu Yuebai, “…”

If you didn’t snicker, I would feel it more convincing.

However, Mo Junyang did not express any objection. Qu Yuebai surely took the order and left.

Shi Qingxue couldn’t hold her curiosity, and asked, “Is there a small hole in the private room that is used to peek what is going on next door as the book says?”

Looking at her eager expression, Mo Junyang nodded immediately.

But before her next request was made, he said again, “We together.”

“Ah!” Shi Qingxue’s face froze.

She didn’t plan to take Mo Junyang to do bad things together.

Qingxue rolled around her eyes, again showed her pitiful look, and whispered, “Brother Yang.”

Damn it!

Even though she looked only fourteen or fifteen years old, if her living years of these two lifetimes were added up, she was even twelve years older than Mo Junyang. It was really difficult for her to act adorable in front of a young child!

She got goosebumps, but Mo Junyang seemed to take it according to the look on his face.

Then calmly spit out two words, “No way.”

And Mo Junyang saw the little head lowered down as he had expected, and the disappointed look was very tempting.

But he still had to pretend to be serious on his face, “You are still young, and I don’t think it would be appropriate that I allow you to stay here. If I permit you to make a movement alone, I don’t know how to tell Princess Royal once anything happens to you.”

That seemed reasonable.

“Okay, then we do it together.” Shi Qingxue had to obediently agree.

In the end, she was still worried and said, “Let’s go and see Yuzhen first. You can’t tell her that I already confess it all to you, or she must will be mad at me!”

Shi Qingxue’s subconscious movement showed that she regarded him more intimately than her friend, Mo Junyang felt more joyful, and there was surely nothing he couldn’t agree with, “Don’t worry. I just need to keep you safe. I won’t get into whatever you want to do.”

Did he agree that easily?

Shi Qingxue suddenly noticed that the last time when she met Mo Junyang in Mang Mountain, he still looked like a dead person and seemed hard to get close. But at this moment, he was like a totally different person. Was he insane?

She didn’t know at this time, the reason why Mo Junyang’s attitude towards her had changed so much was because her secret that she thought had been hidden well was completely exposed to him.

When Shi Qingxue found Mo Yuzhen next door, Mo Yuzhen was lying on the bed like a dead person with her eyes open. Seeing that she come in, she hurriedly blinked her eyes, looking pitiful.

Qingxue looked at Mo Junyang with her inquiring sight, but the latter looked up.

“Brother Yang, please let Yuzhen get up first!” Shi Qingxue knew nothing about point opening, and had to ask Mo Junyang for help again.

Mo Junyang did it without any hesitation. He flipped a small pebble in the air, and Mo Yuzhen’s acupoint was opened.

Mo Yuzhen was so angry that she jumped out of bed immediately and rushed out to destroy those immoral man and woman. Shi Qingxue was terrified and stopped her, “You don’t know about the whole thing clearly. Don’t be impulsive!”

“’Isn’t it clear enough for a man and a woman to be in the same room alone? Should it be not clear enough until I catch them in bed?” Mo Yuzhen’s eyes became red because of her anger.

She didn’t really like She Changfeng in her heart, but her dignity as a princess could not be trampled by others. She Changfeng had already had the engagement with her, but he still came to this messy place to mingle with such a woman.

And he allied with that mean woman to bully her. If she still didn’t get mad, they would really think that she was weak!

Shi Qingxue was embarrassed by her words and found it funny. She sighed helplessly, “What if you really misunderstand him? How about us observing it for a longer while?”

“How to observe?”

Shi Qingxue did not answer, but turned to see Mo Junyang, waiting for him to lead the way.

Mo Yuzhen just realized that there was another person in the room. She slightly frowned, and she was a little bit confused with Mo Junyang’s appearance. But all she was thinking about was the pair of lovers next door, so that she didn’t bother to mind other things.

She could just reluctantly be patient, waiting to see what Shi Qingxue planned to do.

Fortunately, Mo Junyang did not keep it mysterious any more. He led them to a place beside the wall, and opened a secret closet, and there was a small hole at the proper position for a person’s eye.

Looking inside, it was exactly the room where Xiangyue and She Changfeng were.

Mo Yuzhen was ferocious again, but Shi Qingxue quickly covered her mouth with her hands and whispered, “Don’t speak. Let’s see what will happen first.”

In the room next door, She Changfeng didn’t recognize that the person who came in and tried to whip him was Mo Yuzhen. He thought it was a psychopath from somewhere. He was frightened and was being comforted by Xiangyue at this moment. And everything about admiring the article was left aside.

“Mr. She, don’t be afraid. I have already asked someone to check it out. It was just a vulgarian who was jealous of you coming to cause trouble. And I also send people to strengthen the guarding of Xiangyue Pavilion. Such things won’t happen again. Mr. She, please rest assured!”

Xiangyue was beautiful and adorable. She was in a crescent-white short dress and it made her look more like an elegant fairy falling on the earth. And she said the gentle and touching comfort.

Almost every man would like to immerse himself into her arms!

Especially when Xiangyue slowly approached She Changfeng while comforting. In the end, the two had almost no distance.

“Thank you for the comfort. I feel much better now.” She Changfeng realized that he and Xiangyue seemed to be too close at this time. He hurriedly moved aside a little, and thanked her politely.

Xiangyue didn’t care about the avoidance of She Changfeng. Her smile became even more gentle and ambiguous. Her pretty eyes became stunning, “Mr. She, you don’t need to thank me. It was me who didn’t run Xiangyue Pavilion well so that you were horrified. I take the blame and drink up these three glasses of wine to apologize. Please forgive us!”

After that, Xiangyue stretched out her slender hand, raised the colored glaze glass and put it beside her lips, squinting slightly. But her eyes were always staring at She Changfeng from the beginning to the end, exuding seeming seduction.

Even if She Changfeng was still frightened in his heart, he should notice Xiangyue’s intention at this moment.

He rubbed his hands uncomfortably and said embarrassingly, “It is better for girls to drink less. In addition, it’s not your fault, and you don’t have to take the blame. If you don’t have anything else, I should leave.”

“Well, wait!” How could Xiangyue let the benefits run away? She stepped forward again.

With an inadvertent movement, her beautiful shoulder was exposed, and the atmosphere became ambiguous.

Xiangyue also pretended to be pitiful, and whispered, “Mr. She, don’t you just dislike me? You are going to leave when you have just arrived. If it is spread, others would think that there are some dirty deals in my Xiangyue Pavilion, so that I can’t even make a guest stay!”

With that, it was not easy for She Changfeng to walk away. He had to hold back the embarrassment and sit down again.

Xiangyue smiled with satisfaction again. She grabbed a poem collection casually, leaned more gently towards She Changfeng, and whispered, “I got the only existing copy of the poem collection from the previous dynasty. The articles inside are wonderful, and I specifically invite you to admire them.”

She Changfeng’s eyes lighted up when he heard it was the only existing copy, but before Xiangyue was about to lean on him, he quickly took the copy and took a big step aside at the same time. Xiangyue could only lean on nothing but the air.

Xiangyue lost her equilibrium, and she almost fell hard down on the ground.

As soon as she looked up, she saw She Changfeng’s solemn look. He said, “I have an engagement, and please be self-dignified.”

This time, no matter how tender Xiangyue was, she could not keep the smile on her face any more!
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