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Chapter 20 - Rest Assured, I Have Good Sense

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Halfway up Mang Mountain, the other members of the Shi family waited for a day. They still had not seen Shi Qingxue or anyone else walking down the mountain.

Dong Shuang was so anxious that he tried to go up the mountain to find Shi Qingxue several times but each time she was stopped by Shi Baoyan.

Shi Qingxue was absent, and so Shi Baoyan was the only master. Even if these subordinates were reluctant, they must listen to her commands.

Shi Baoyan was very satisfied by this, especially when the sun rose on the second day, and Shi Qingxue was still missing. She couldn’t help but grin.

“Qingxue still hasn’t come down yet. Presumably, she was left by the skilled doctor on the mountain. It’s no use for us to wait here. Let’s go back and make a plan!” Shi Baoyan coughed, ordering people to pack up and go home.

Dong Shuang’s eyes widened. How unbelievable was it that Shi Baoyan dared to leave Shi Qingxue and walk away?!

But at this moment, there was no chance for her to protest. Shi Baoyan ordered someone to cover her mouth and tied her away.

They hurried back to the Shi Family, Mo Shujun and the others ran to the door to meet them. When they saw the gray-faced Shi Baoyan, they promptly asked with concern, “What caused my Baoyan to become so embarrassed? Have you been injured? Come here and show me. But what happened?”

Shi Baoyan jumped into Mo Shujun’s arms and coquettishly she wept and grieved about all the hardships she encountered while seeking medical advice.

Of course, this version became a bitter story of how Shi Qingxue co-operated with outsiders and how she never cared about her sister’s feelings. Additionally, how she herself ignored her past suspicions and actively sought medical treatment, but ultimately to no avail.

Mo Shujun heard that her granddaughter was suffering. She held Shi Baoyan softly and comforted her for a while, and promised many rewards, which was so touching.

Dong Hui couldn’t just stand aside and thus couldn’t help but ask, “Baoyan, you’re back. What about Qingxue? How was it that we didn’t see her?”

Shi Baoyan secretly pouted, holding in her disdain for Dong Hui.

She also said that all the children were treated the same. But look at Dong Hui’s appearance. When she came back, Dong Hui didn’t express any cares or concerns. She just asked Shi Qingxue. This was absolutely partial.

Shi Baoyan despised Dong Hui, her answer was somewhat casual. “The skilled doctor was unreasonable and hard to deal with. Qingxue stayed on the mountain in order to impress him. I was afraid that Grandma was worried, so I came back to report peace.”

“What? You left Qingxue alone on the mountain and came back by yourself?” Dong Hui asked, staring at Shi Baoyan with a look of sharpness and hunger in her eyes.

Shi Baoyan shrank into Mo Shujun’s arms. Mo Shujun was unhappy then, accused, “Hui, Baoyan finally made it home. You don’t even care. Yet, how is it that you are still being this caustic towards her? Did you do this, madam?”

Dong Hui was stopped in her tracks by these words, her heart was panicking.

Shi Qingxue is her daughter. She hasn’t returned, and yet Shi Baoyan is standing here calmly. Couldn’t she ask where her daughter is?

She knew that old madam was not pleased by her presence, so she usually did not come near to Mo Shujun and tried to avoid her glance as much as possible. But now, Shi Qingxue’s whereabouts were still unknown. How was it that she could still contain herself?

Mo Shujun waved her hand indifferently and said softly, “Which of the whereabouts are unclear? Didn’t Baoyan say that Qingxue was still on Mang Mountain and asked the skilled doctor to come out off the mountain? She was so proud, I thought she might invite the doctor to see Baoning herself. Since you are a mother, you should do more things that suit your child’s heart. Don’t always try to be arduous but fruitless and make others annoy you.”

These words were like a sharp blade, piercing Dong Hui ‘s heart. She was almost unbearably. It was Mammy Zheng who put a hand behind her that she could barely stand still.

Had she been trained by Mo Shujun in the past, Dong Hui would have been silent even if she had to bite her tongue. But this time, she was truly concerned about Shi Qingxue, and could not hold back her thoughts. “Mother, Qingxue is a girl who is all alone. If she runs into trouble, there is no one there to help. I think I’ll send another person to Mang Mountain!”

Shi Baoyan could not wait for Shi Qingxue to endure hardships. She would never allow Dong Hui to send a rescue, she quickly said, “The skilled doctor said that if someone sought medical treatment, he could only go alone and couldn’t bring a helper. If mother sent someone there, wouldn’t it be a waste to let Qingxue’s former achievements go?

There was someone watching the show. Zhou Ruyu went on to say, “That’s right, Hui is the mistress in the house. Taking good care of the Shi Family is your business, so why bother with the other things?”

Dong Hui glared at Zhou Ruyu coldly, she couldn’t help but sneer. “Qingxue is my daughter, the second daughter of First Master of the Shi family. If she just injured her finger, that would be a big deal. Not to mention that her safety is currently unknown. What’s wrong with me caring for her?”

Zhou Ruyu was rarely dissed by Dong Hui. She refrained from engaging in a rebuttal for a while and instead smirked to herself that she could avoid Dong Hui’s sharp tongue. However, she thought in her heart, “Huh! So what if you care more? The result is already set! Wait to start your crying!”

Dong Hui just made Zhou Ruyu shut up. Surprisingly, Mo Shujun then said, “They were right, Hui, don’t worry about it. Qingxue is incredibly clever, she can handle it. If you really have this much spare time, you might as well manage the housework for the family. What do you think about this family that you are managing? ”

Dong Hui: “…”

Dong Hui was heartbroken by these words. Had it not been Mo Shujun who said this, had it not been her man’s mother, she was really afraid that she could not help but refute her!

“Didn’t Grandma say that mother took care of the housework well? Why are you accusing her of doing a poor job? Could it be that Grandma coaxed those words out of me? ”

When Dong Hui was sullen and helpless, a crisp and lovely voice came into range, which surprised everyone.

They did not know when, but suddenly Shi Qingxue was standing at the door of the hall. She was looking at the people in the room.

Dong Hui was immediately overjoyed, running up and hugging Shi Qingxue, urgently asking, “Qingxue, are you okay? Why did you come back so late? Were you injured?”

The series of questioning was totally illogical, throwing to Shi Qingxue, and leaving her no time to answer.

Shi Qingxue was not impatient at all. After listening to their conversation just now, wasn’t it evident who truly cared for her? Naturally, she wouldn’t think that her mother’s love was blind.

After all, it was nearly impossible for her to come back!

Shi Qingxue raised her eyebrows and looked at the others. When they saw her entering the house, some people were astonished.

Mo Shujun didn’t know the facts. Seeing Shi Qingxue come back so soon, although she was a little surprised, she quickly put on a happy smile and greeted Qingxue jovially, “Qingxue, finally you came back. Come and let Grandma look at you. ”

Shi Qingxue stood still, nodding at Mo Shujun, putting on a prideful pose, “Grandma, did I just overhear you said negative things about my mother? If you don’t give me one explanation, I won’t take it! ”

It was sure that only Shi Qingxue dared to ask the royal princess a question which expressed such disregard for one’s elders. Did you not want to live?

Everyone looked at Shi Qingxue in shock and thought how silly she was after she came back this time. How dare she ask this to Mo Shujun!

Could it be that Shi Qingxue would go face to face against Mo Shujun?

Dong Hui pulled on Qingxue’s sleeve anxiously. She stopped talking. Qingxue returned her a reassuring look and patted the back of her hand in private, “Rest assured, I have good sense.”
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