The Great Planned Marriage: Becoming A Splendid Princess

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Chapter 8 - Another Problem

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Shi Qingxue hadn’t spoken yet, but Mammy Luo took the chance to ask for mercy, “Sixth Lady, please forgive me! I really just made a wrong decision. Regarding that I have served the princess royal, please…”

Qingxue’s look was cold, and she said straight to Dong Hui, “Mother, haven’t I just said that? You are the hostess of this family. It is your right to dispose of this evil servant in accordance with family rules. I don’t believe that when you deal with a servant who offended the master, there would be people who dare to say anything about you? Even if you throw her out of the house, no one dare to disagree with that.”

In addition to disturbing the frame of her Third Uncle, more importantly, she made this trap today to let her mother establish prestige in the Shi Family!

In this way, people like Mammy Luo would not appear again. In such a situation, she still dared to ignore Dong Hui and Shi Qingxue for forgiveness. Did she really think that the Duke’s wife didn’t exist?

Dong Hui frowned, subconsciously wanted to ask whether such punishment would be too severe, but thinking that it was Qingxue trying to help her establish prestige, she took the words back.

With the majesty of Duke’s wife, she ordered, “Zheng, the family rules clearly state that any servant having offended the master should be flogged thirty times and expelled from this house. Regarding that Mammy Luo is aged and has served my mother, she may get away from flogging. Just expel her!”

“Madam, please forgive me. Madam…” Mammy Luo realized then that the person who really had control over her life was the Duke’s wife, but it was too late. When she just started to talk, Mammy Zheng covered her mouth and dragged her out.

Shi Qingxue’s heart was about to relieve after seeing that her mother had finally became tough, she saw Mammy Zhang hurried over and whispered in Dong Hui’s ear.

“How could this happen?” Dong Hui was frightened, and hurriedly took Shi Qingxue’s hand, and said urgently, “Zhang said she just went to the kitchen to check and found that the kitchen was destroyed by somebody, and all the ingredients were ruined.

It is soon 2 o’clock, and the birthday banquet is about to start. What am I supposed to do?”

Shi Qingxue was shocked for a moment, and finally understood what Shi Juncai’s sinister smile was for before he left!

In her last life, at Mo Shujun’s 60th birthday banquet, besides that the ancestral hall of Shi Family was destroyed, the ingredients originally prepared for the birthday banquet were also ruined for no reason.

In her last life, Mo Shujun punished Dong Hui in public because of the destruction of Shi Lei’s tablet, and even removed her power to manage shrine and accommodation. Later they discovered that the ingredients were ruined. But it was nothing more than a supplement to Dong Hui’s fault, and the bad influence of it was not at the same level as that of the former one. So Shi Qingxue forgot this matter.

Shi Qingxue and Dong Hui quickly hurried to the kitchen. It was a great mess in the kitchen and on the stove. The ingredients were ruined and could not be used at all. But it would be too late to purchase new ingredients at this time.

“Well? It’s really boisterous here!” Zhou Ruyu’s cold voice sounded from outside the house. Seeing them look back, without concealing the glee on her face, “My mother sent me to ask when the dishes could be available since it’s 2 o’clock soon?”

There were so many people waiting for the joke today. Zhou Ruyu went away and came back, apparently to pick up Dong Hui’s fault, and she was not alone. As the one who was following her, Shi Qingxue would never forget him even if he was burned to ashes!

The fourth prince Mo Junhao!

Mo Junhao was tall and very handsome. Everyone could tell that he was extraordinary from the first glance.

He entered and glanced at the horrible scene in the kitchen, and asked gently with concern, “Qingxue, what happened? Is there anything I can help you with?”

Shi Qingxue confronted Mo Junhao. Her great hatred for him hit her chest. She could only clench her fists tightly, and the sharp pain of her nails piercing her palms stopped her from rushing over to tear up the scum.

She slightly looked down, and said as calmly as possible, “There was only a small accident, and I didn’t dare to bother Your Highness.”

There was inconceivable surprise on Mo Junhao’s face. He didn’t understand that Shi Qingxue, who had always stuck with him, would behave so coldly, as if she was another person.

“Qingxue? What’s wrong with you? Why are you regarding me as an outsider?” Mo Junhao frowned deeply and his lightened eyes looked skeptical.

Shi Qingxue also knew that her performance was not like what she usually was, but she couldn’t help it!

After experiencing all kinds of misfortunes in the previous life, she even had the intention to kill Mo Junhao, and she indeed didn’t have the mood to pretend in front of him.

Fortunately, Dong Hui also noticed something wrong with her daughter, and took the initiative to talk, “Your Highness, there was an accident in our family just now. Qingxue was in a bad mood, please forgive her.”
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