The Great Planned Marriage: Becoming A Splendid Princess

Dong Jiu Jiu 冬九九

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Chapter 4 - Committed Arson

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Mammy Luo hurriedly kowtowed and begged for mercy, “Third Master, you are blaming me unjustly! Although I was ordered to stay at the ancestral hall by princess royal, my status was so low that I never dared to enter the ancestral hall easily. And I usually obey the first empress’s arrangement if anything happened. I didn’t dare to slack off. How was it possible for me to neglect my duties?”

The third master and the servant cooperated well and talked without a break. There was no chance for others to interrupt. They seemed to be criticizing and self-defending, but it was obvious that they wanted to blame on Dong Hui for the ancestral hall having got on fire.

Those at present were not fools, and instantly knew the intention of the two of them. They all looked at Dong Hui.

Dong Hui became shameful and her face and ears turned red, but Shi Juncai didn’t explicitly blame her. She couldn’t take the initiative to refute. She felt so wronged and could only look to Shi Qingxue for help.

Shi Qingxue was probably one of the several people at present who knew what actually had happened. This incident had happened in her last life. It was just those contemptible scoundrel putting on a big show at this moment.

She secretly gave her mother a reassuring look, and then reminded Mo Shujun when the banquet was in a mess, “Grandma, it is necessary and urgent to go to the ancestral hall first.

Mo Shujun immediately came back to her mind. She quickly nodded and walked to the ancestral hall, left the guests at the banquet alone.

Seeing this, the others in the Shi Family could only apologize to the guests, and followed up quickly.

The guests looked at each other and seemed to be hard to react on this sudden change. But they all endured a tacit understanding, sitting quietly at the banquet, and waiting for the Shi Family to tackle their own business first.

When everyone of the Shi Family rushed to the ancestral hall, the flames in the courtyard of the ancestral hall had already scattered, and the dense smoke shadowed their eyes, making it unable for them to enter.

Mo Shujun thought that it was the tablet of the man she loved most there, and suddenly became anxious, and she tried to enter there riskily.

Fortunately, Dong Hui stopped her in time and persuaded sincerely, “Mother, it’s still burning insides. You can’t enter there anyway!”

But Mo Shujun, who was so anxious, instantly pushed Dong Hui away and yelled, “How dare you say that to me? I make you in charge of shrine and accommodation stuff of our family, but you can’t even take good care of such a little thing! If anything happens to Yunyang’s tablet, you definitely can’t get away from this!”

Dong Hui’s face became pale because of the criticism, and her lips trembled. Fortunately, Shi Qingxue was holding her aside so that she was able to barely stand still.

Zhou Ruyu stood aside and watched frankly, thinking that Dong Hui had made such a huge mistake this time, and the position of mistress mustn’t belong to her any more.

At that time, once her husband said a few good words in front of the old madam, the power of taking charge of shrine and accommodation could be hers easily.

Thinking of this, Zhou Ruyu showed another provocative look to Shi Qingxue: If you were so capable, could you defend for your mother again?

She had expected that Mo Shujun was angry at this moment and if Shi Qingxue stood out, she could only be criticized.

Shi Qingxue sneered, ignoring Zhou Ruyu’s provocation, and said in a serious look, “Grandmother, don’t worry. The urgent priority at this moment is to put out the fire first and then find out who is to blame.”

Mo Shujun calmed down a bit when she heard these words, and asked in a cold tone, “Qingxue, do you have any good ways to put out the fire?”

This time, Zhou Ruyu didn’t wait for Qingxue’ answer, and smartly pretended to comfort her, “Qingxue! I know you feel grieved for your mother, but don’t you see what a circumstance it is? It’s your grandfather insides! And you’re still protecting your mother. I’m afraid it’s biased?”

With those words, she was blaming Shi Qingxue for regarding Dong Hui even higher than her grandfather. It seemed like that Shi Lei himself were in the ancestral hall. She was trying to put Shi Qingxue and Mo Shujun into the opposite sides!

Zhou Ruyu had a very good plan. She reckoned that Shi Qingxue must burst into anger with her feature that she couldn’t bear any provocation!

She would be hated by Mo Shujun if she said some angry words then.

But at this time, Shi Qingxue was not the arrogant young girl who could be irritated by a few words any more.

She didn’t bother to argue with Zhou Ruyu, and only gave Zhou Ruyu a faint glance, which made her astonished. Shi Qingxue turned around and called a servant. She whispered in his ear, and the servant took the order and ran away.

Mo Shujun found it strange and asked, “Qingxue, what are you doing?”

Shi Qingxue smiled to Mo Shujun to comfort her, “Grandmother, please rest assured. I have a way to put out the fire.”

Zhou Ruyu couldn’t help but sneer again, “Who couldn’t say nice words! Such a bluff. Aren’t you afraid that you would get retribution for it!”

“You shut up!” Mo Shujun finally couldn’t help but yell at her, staring at Zhou Ruyu coldly. Zhou Ruyu felt scared and dared not to say anything else.

At this time, the servant who ran away before brought more than ten servants, and each of them carried a large barrel in their hands and rushed to the fire.

Seeing this, Zhou Ruyu snorted in the bottom of her heart: The fire was so big, and the yard was overgrown with grass and trees. How could a few barrels of water be able to put out the fire?
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