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Chapter 66 - Big Boss’s Brother-in-law, D*mn

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Zhong Nuannuan looked at Aiden in disgust, and just as she was about to speak, he continued urgently, “Big boss, Zhong Qianqian is your biological sister right? Ahahahaha… Big boss, do you think that Zhong Qianqian fell in love with me the second she saw me? She was passing moves on me the whole time, wasn’t she? Say, what do you think are my chances if I pursue her? Hah… Hahahaha… Big boss, I might be your brother-in-law in the near future!”

 Aiden was so elated he was on cloud nine. After all, nobody would expect life to deal one a reverse card like this. Who would have imagined a lousy little boy like him becoming the big boss’s brother-in-law?

 Aiden was smiling so hard his eyes were barely open anymore, hence being unable to see the increasingly dark frown that clouded Zhong Nuannuan’s face.

 “Say, big boss, would others be jealous of me if I were to become your brother-in-law? Would they be so jealous that they would be tempted to kill me? Ahahahaha… I can already imagine the envy in their eyes. I’m so tempted to call them right now!”

 Aiden felt an inexplicable giddiness as he thought of the others’ awe-struck expression.

 The big boss’s brother-in-law, for f*ck’s sake!!

 He would have the highest status among everyone in the future, and even the big boss would have to listen to him!

 Although it was still a long way to go, Aiden was already eager to marry Zhong Qianqian.

 Zhong Nuannuan silently watched as Aiden crumbled into a rambling shell of a man. She was unable to provide any response would be even moderately appropriate to his stupidity.

 With a coquettish and sweet smile, she asked softly, “Do you know why I faced time in jail?”

 “Ah?” Aiden, clearly still immersed in the joy of becoming the big boss’s brother-in-law, was taken aback by her question. Immediately, the gentleness and pure bliss in his eyes disappeared as it was replaced by a piercing entered. “Why? Did someone accuse you?”

 “It’s because Zhong Qianqian killed someone, and everyone in the family, especially my mother, couldn’t bear the thought of her going to jail. That’s how I became her scapegoat and went to jail in her place.”


 Aiden felt as if someone had just poured a bucketful of cold water over his head.

 “The first day I entered prison, I immediately found out that someone had bribed one of the prison guards into killing me, or more precisely, to feed me pesticide. Would you like to have a guess who was so vicious to do that?”

 “!!!” Aiden’s expression sank immediately.

 “They… but aren’t they your family? Didn’t they only acknowledge you as a daughter after running a DNA test in the past? You share a resemblance to Jiang Shuwan too.”

 “Because of how much we look alike, nobody bothered to run a DNA test, and neither did anyone ever doubt her identity. However, after being released from prison, I had a good look at her and discovered that she had undergone plastic surgery. She only bears a slight resemblance to me now because everything is artificial. Therefore, I can conclude that her original appearance is nothing like the way she appears now.”

 “Big boss, are you saying… she’s not your biological mother?”

 “Yep,” Zhong Nuannuan said with a nod.

 “What about Zhong Kuijun then? Your DNA was a complete match to his.”

 “Zhong Kuijun should be my father, but I think it’ll still be safer to do another test.”

 With that, Zhong Nuannuan retrieved a small plastic bag from her purse.

 “All our names are marked on these bags, so just run another DNA test for us. Focus more on Jiang Shuwan and me, as well as Zhong Qianqian and Jiang Shuwan’s blood test.”

 “Yes, big boss.”

 “I’m returning to classes next Monday, so I also need you to help me find out what happened to our family 17 years ago. I need a detailed investigation done on one person in particular as well.”

 “Who’s that?”

 “Nangong Yu.”

 “Nangong Yu? Isn’t that the richest and most wealthy family in Camino?”

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