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Chapter 59

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Jiang Shuwan did not want to ruin her relationship with Lin Xin. She immediately said to the shop assistant, “Wrap this nightgown for me.”

“I saw this first. First come, first served. You should sell it to me first.”

“You didn’t pay yet, what do you mean ‘first come, first served’?” Jiang Shuwan did not want to let her have it.

The shop assistant did not have a chance to say anything during their dispute. Thankfully, the store manager heard their commotion and hurried upstairs.

When she was about to ask what happened, she saw Zhong Nuannuan, who was standing behind the four women.

The store manager’s eyes went wide as her mouth hung agape. Just as she was about to say something, she saw Zhong Nuannuan shaking her head at her.

The store manager understood Zhong Nuannuan’s hint. She lifted the corner of her lips in a professional yet sweet-tempered smile and asked, “Madams, I am the store manager of Venia. What happened? Do you need me to resolve this for you?”

Lin Xin asked hurriedly, “Store manager? You’re here just in time! I saw this nightgown first, and I want to buy it, but she suddenly came up and said that she wants to buy it too. Your nightgowns are all custom made and are one in a million. Don’t you think she’s making something out of nothing?”

“Lin Xin, you didn’t make a reservation for this dress. You haven’t even paid. You can’t stop me from paying as I was the first one to offer to pay. So, store manager, who should get this dress?”

The store manager pointed at the blue nightgown and asked, “Madams, do you mean this?”

“Yes.” Lin Xin and Jiang Shuwan said in unison.

Ye Mengxi and Zhong Qianqian glared at each other. The fire in their eyes would make Hell look chilly.

“I’m sorry, this dress was booked three months ago. This dress was made personally by the CEO cum Head Designer of Venia, Mr. Venia, according to their measurements. It has already been paid for too. I’m sorry I can’t sell this to you.”

After hearing that the nightgown was designed by Venia, Lin Xin and Jiang Shuwan gave up in embarrassment.

“How much is this nightgown?”

Zhong Qianqian’s eyes were glued on this dress. This was the prettiest dress she had ever seen.

The design was simple yet stylish. At a glance, it looked elegant and fancy. What did lavish yet low profile mean? It meant this dress.

“This nightgown is 7.5 million.”

Jiang Shuwan and Lin Xin were glad after hearing that. Thankfully, it had been paid for by someone else. It would be too embarrassing if they were about to pay but could not fork out the money.

After Zhong Qianqian and Ye Mengxi heard the price, they became jealous of the woman who was able to have a man spend so much money on her.

“It’s been three weeks. Why didn’t he come and take it?” Doubts arose in Ye Mengxi’s heart.

The store manager smiled. “I am not sure about that. I just know that this man custom made this nightgown for his beloved fiancé. It’s for their engagement party.”

“Who is this man?” Zhong Qianqian felt that if she could ever find a man like that, it would not be very hard for her to give up Chi Yang.

“Yeah, we know all the famous people in Jiang District. Who booked this?” Ye Mengxi and Zhong Qianqian shared the same thought.

He spent so much on a woman, yet the nightgown had been kept here for so long. Perhaps something went wrong with their engagement.

If they knew who that person was, they could get to know him through family connections.
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