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Chapter 54

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They did not stop themselves from talking about Venia’s customized gowns in front of Zhong Nuanuan because they figured that she was a country bumpkin who would not be able to understand what they were talking about.

Jiang Shuwan even ripped the price tag from Zhong Nuannuan’s dress before it reached her hands.

It was only then Zhong Qianqian and Jiang Shuwan realized that not only did Zhong Nuannuan understood what Venia and its customization services were, but she also saw the price of the dress.

When did she even have the chance to see it?

Jiang Shuwan felt like she was being shamed.

If Zhong Kuijun found out about this, he would definitely scold her.

“What did you just say? Why are you saying it like I’m abusing you? The dress you were wearing just now really did look good on you. Plus, it goes with your skin tone. That’s why I bought it for you. I never said that I’ll only buy you one. I never told you to wear that dress to the banquet either.”

Jiang Shuwan’s words carried two meanings. However, Zhong Nuannuan grabbed Jiang Shuwan’s arm and said, “I knew you were the best. There was no way you would buy a 2000 dollar dress for the main character of the banquet and buy a 1 million dollar gown for the side character. Mom, I won’t ask for much. If you’re getting a 1 million dollar gown for big sis, then I would only ask that you get me one that costs 2 million. I’ve never worn such an expensive dress before. I’m sure all eyes will be on me during the banquet.”

The corners of Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian’s lips twitched. They wanted so badly to hit this country bumpkin.

After Zhong Nuannuan’s comments, Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian lost all interest to shop. They were both in a bad mood as they made their way to Venia.

The shop was located at the center of Tianheng Holdings. The whole outlet was designed to mimic a small castle.

“Nuannuan, this is Qianqian’s favorite brand. It’s a little too mature for you, so I don’t think the gowns here will suit you. I’ll shop with your sis first and then I’ll shop for other dresses with you after we buy hers.”

After setting foot in Venia, Jiang Shuwan started making comments even before looking around. Since it was an international first-tier brand, she did not want to buy something here for Zhong Nuannuan. She would just tell her that she had run out of money after buying Qianqian’s gown.

However, Zhong Nuannuan was displaying the spoiled traits of a youngest child. “I like whatever my big sister likes. We’re sisters after all!”

Jiang Shuwan: …

Zhong Qianqian: …

They were sisters now? What about the time when they were fighting over a man? Weren’t they sisters then?

I wanted to strangle her. What should I do?

“Hey, aren’t you Shuwan? Are you buying a gown for Qianqian?”

When Zhong Nuannuan lifted her head, she saw her mother’s best friend Lin Xin.

She was standing right there, but Lin Xin pretended not to see her as if she was blind. She swaggered next to Zhong Qianqian. “I didn’t see Qianqian for a whole month. Have you gotten thinner? Your diet works so well!”

Lin Xin’s daughter, Ye Mengxi, had always beaten her for the title of the prettiest girl in school. This was enough reason for Zhong Qianqian to hate both their guts. When confronted with Lin Xin’s greetings, however, she smiled generously. “Hello, Aunty Lin.”

Jiang Shuwan smiled. “The banquet’s this weekend, no? That’s why I brought Qianqian and Nuannuan here to buy new gowns.”

Lin Xin glanced at Zhong Nuannuan before continuing to ignore her. She looked at Jiang Shuwan and asked, “Zhong Nuannuan killed Zhou Jinhui. That’s a fact. How did you manage to get her out of prison?”
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