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Chapter 52

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Jiang Shuwan’s eyes widened. “Girl, Venia’s custom designs cost millions! Plus, the banquet’s only a few days away. How would they be able to make a one in time for it?”

“I don’t care! You promised that you would give me a custom gown as a present! It’s not like Mr. Venia makes all the gowns himself when he has so many apprentices at his side. The gowns made by his designers aren’t that expensive. Plus, I’m going to buy the ready-made ones, so I don’t think it will cost as much.”

Jiang Shuwan debated this internally. In the end, she lifted up her thumb. “You can’t exceed this amount. If you do, you can’t have it no matter how good it looks.”

“Alright!” Zhong Qianqian’s eyes became bright. She agreed to it immediately.

Venia’s custom design!

Even though she was getting a ready-made one, a gown like this won’t be repeated nor mass-produced. It was one of a kind. She would surely be the prettiest one in the room when she wears it to the banquet.

Zhong Qianqian grabbed Jiang Shuwan’s hand excitedly. She could not wait to go to Venia’s shop.

Jiang Shuwan looked at the directory in her hand and said, “Venia’s at the center of the mall. Let’s get a dress for Nuannuan first. Don’t forget, Nuannuan’s the main character for Sunday’s big banquet.”

“Ah, right! Nuannuan, let’s go. We’ll go pick a gown out for you first.”

After she said that, Zhong Qianqian wanted to grab Zhong Nuannuan’s arm, but Zhong Nuannuan managed to dodge before she could grab on.

Knowing that Zhong Nuannuan was still angry at her because of her pettiness, Zhong Qianqian did not take her actions to heart.

The perimeter of Tianheng Holdings was surrounded by international third-tier brands.

Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian immediately walked toward the cheapest and most inconspicuous shop, taking the silent Zhong Nuannuan along with them.

“My God, Nuannuan, look at this. I think it’ll look amazing on you.”

Zhong Nuannuan was speechless after looking at the gown Zhong Qianqian picked out for her.

Was that even a gown? It was just a normal dress!

It was a yellow knee-length dress that was designed to look similar to the Hanbok, a traditional Korean dress. There was a yellow ribbon with red designs that went over the chest, and below it were two longer strands of ribbon.

Jiang Shuwan walked over and looked at the dress from top to bottom. She pretended that she accidentally saw the price. After spotting the price tag, she grinned. “Aiya, this looks so beautiful. Nuannuan, this color goes so well with your skin tone.”

She said to the store assistant, “Choose one that’s my daughter’s size.”

“Yes, madam.”

The store assistant quickly looked for one that suited Zhong Nuannuan. When she was about to hand the dress to Zhong Nuannuan, Jiang Shuwan snatched the dress and removed the price tag.

“My daughter has sensitive skin. I have to get rid of the tag so that it won’t cause her any irritation.”

“Madam, you can’t remove this. If it’s removed…”

“I can immediately tell that this dress is the perfect fit for my daughter. What’s wrong? Do you think we can’t afford it?”

The shop assistant shook her hands. “No, Madam. I didn’t mean that. Since you’ve already made the decision to buy this dress, then of course you can remove the tag.”

Jiang Shuwan glared at the store assistant before turning to look at Nuannuan and said with a grin, “Nuannuan, go and try it on.”

“Why do I need to try it on since you’ve already bought it?”
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