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Chapter 41

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Zhong Qianqian was in her room on the third floor, crying in a mess. Jiang Shuwan had an unhappy look on her face.

When she had finally cried enough, Zhong Qianqian asked loudly, “Mum, why is that b*tch, Zhong Nuannuan, so shameless? She isn’t even married to Big Brother Chi Yang yet, and she’s insisting on living together with Big Brother Chi Yang. Who does she think she is? Sob sob sob…”

“Sigh, my little princess, can you not be so loud? This room may be soundproof, but as loud as you are now, you might let Chi Yang or that little whore hear you. What would you do then?”

“So what if they hear me? Sob sob sob… It’s all your fault! When I wanted to visit her after she got detained in prison, you wouldn’t let me. Now she hates me for it and is now trying to fight me for Big Brother Chi Yang. Let me have my Big Brother Chi Yang back!”

Jiang Shuwan had a headache listening to her words.

She had paid a lot of money then, to try and kill or at the very least, handicap Zhong Nuannuan. She would feel guilty for it if she had gone to see Zhong Nuannuan in prison.

The door suddenly opened and both mother and daughter jumped in shock.

They breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that it was Zhong Kuijun who entered.

“Jiang Shuwan, Nuannuan may be a filial, giving girl, but that does not mean that she is stupid. You better adjust your attitude for the better! Also, Chi Yang is a highly sensitive person. He’s already starting to get suspicious based on your actions today. You’d better start praying now. Pray that he won’t go checking Nuannuan’s identity. Otherwise, you would end up in jail and nobody would be able to save you!”

Seeing he had successfully made his wife’s face turned pale with his words, he turned towards Zhong Qianqian. “As for you, I don’t care how much you like Chi Yang. From now on, stop whatever you are doing! Can’t you see that even without Nuannuan, he would never give you a second glance? You should know your place!”

Zhong Kuijun left after berating them.

Zhong Qianqian pouted and started crying out loud again.

“Mum… I don’t want to give up Big Brother Chi Yang! He’s such an outstanding man, I don’t want to give him up! He is my life’s dream!”

Jiang Shuwan woke from being startled and her face was filled with hatred. She held Zhong Qianqian in her arms and patted her back. “My good Qianqian, I know! I will help you!”

“How are you going to help me? Chi Yang likes Zhong Nuannuan so much and Zhong Nuannuan likes him too. There’s nowhere for me to go between them.”

Jiang Shuwan’s eyes narrowed as she pondered about it. “Zhong Nuannuan is a prideful person. When Chi Yang was drugged and forced himself on her, she had found Chi Yang especially disgusting. So now, why don’t you disgust her again?”

Zhong Qianqian’s eyes brightened. “How do I do it?”

 “Chi Yang must be taking his bath right now. You should immediately go into his room. When Chi Yang is done bathing, just jump at him. I’ll help you keep a lookout from the outside. When you’re almost done, I’ll bring Zhong Nuannuan in. If she comes in and sees you and Chi Yang with your clothes askew, and it’s best if you could get naked together, she would assume that you slept together and back out of this love triangle even if nothing happened between the both of you. Even if she doesn’t back out, I can at least have something to work on and get Chi Yang to change the name on the marriage report into yours. Even if we give in and he refuses to change it to your name, I can at least get him to withdraw the marriage report.”

Zhong Qianqian’s eyes immediately lit up at the words.

“Mum, you’re so smart!”
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