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Chapter 29

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Zhong Qianqian wanted to screech and dash forward to tear apart Zhong Nuannuan’s charming face.

However, Zhong Qianqian dared not make a scene even if she was furious as her mother was incessantly trying to give her a meaningful look, and her father’s expression had turned darker than the bottom of a pot.

At this moment, Zhong Nuannuan saw that Zhong Qianqian had covered up her underwear with her skirt. She immediately put her hand down to guard against another attack by a certain someone.

Upon seeing this, Zhong Qianqian promptly gave Zhong Kuijun a lovely yet pathetic look. “Dad, Nuannuan pushed me! It’s so painful…”

After saying those words, tears started to roll down her face once more.

Jiang Shuwan rushed forth to help Zhong Qianqian up without any further delay. She said in a displeased manner, “Nuannuan, you…”

Before she was able to finish her sentences, she fixed her gaze onto Zhong Nuannuan’s serene and cold eyes.

The moment she looked into her stare, she felt like a viper had wrapped itself around her neck. The blood in her body had frozen solid, and words were stuck in her throat.

Since when did Zhong Nuannuan have such a terrifying look in her eyes?

Jiang Shuwan blinked and looked at her once more. The tremor she felt earlier had disappeared. The person standing in front of her was still that ordinary 17-year-old girl, currently looking at her with a face filled with grievance.

“Mom, dad, you were right in front of us just now. You clearly saw that I didn’t push big sister, right? I was always so good to big sis, but big sis hates me so much that she can’t even get along with me. I’ll make it clear in front of mom and dad. From this day onward, I’ll never help her out with anything anymore. I’ll never sacrifice myself to do something for her ever again. I’ll keep my words. If mom and dad feel that I’ve wronged her in any way, I can leave this house. I was always just a surplus in this family anyway. As for the matter regarding Zhou Jinhui…”


Jiang Shuwan yelled in horror and rushed to Zhong Nuannuan’s side. She held her in her arms to prevent her from speaking any further.

“It wasn’t your fault. Qianqian’s the one at wrong here! Mom and dad saw everything, and it’s Qianqian’s fault! Furthermore, Nuannuan, you’re my daughter. The daughter that I painstakingly gave birth to and the one I carried in my womb for ten months! Why would you say that you’re a surplus? Back when you were abducted by traffickers, your mom almost cried her eyes out. You don’t know how happy we are now that you’re back! For you to say these words toward your mom and dad, you’re digging a hole in our hearts!”

Zhong Nuannuan, “…”

She was hugged in Jiang Shuwan’s embrace, and it was a tight hug as well.

However, her hand was still held by Chi Yang. It did not matter how tightly Jiang Shuwan was hugging her as Chi Yang still refused to let go.


Felt like her arms were about to break because of these two people.

“Aunty, you’re twisting Nuannuan’s arms.”

Ultimately, Chi Yang spoke up when Zhong Nuannuan could not bear it anymore.

Jiang Shuwan, ‘… You knew that her arms were getting twisted, so why didn’t you let go instead?’

“Nuannuan, your mother and I were watching earlier. You didn’t shove Qianqian at all. Qianqian deliberately toppled down just to frame you. She’s been spoiled by us since she was a child and wants to beat others in everything. It’s dad’s and mom’s fault that she lacks discipline. Next time if she causes another nuisance toward you, just let dad know about it. Dad will teach her a lesson for you. You’re a good kid, so don’t be angry about these trivial matters anymore, okay?”

Zhong Nuannuan knew when to stop herself, so she replied, “Alright, I’m not angry anymore.”

“What an obedient child!” Zhong Kuijun and Jiang Shuwan spoke out in unison.

Zhong Kuijun told Chi Yang and Nuannuan to hurry inside. He said to Chi Yang, “I’m sorry, Chi Yang. You saw another laughing stock of my family. It’s my fault for not teaching my own kids to behave.”
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