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Chapter 15

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Before this, Zhong Nuannuan hated Chi Yang’s overwhelming emotions as it would give her the creeps.

Weren’t soldiers suppose to be warm like the sun or sunflowers?

Unfortunately, Chi Yang was not like that.

He had a temperament that would make people feel like they were courting death if they opposed him.

This was why all of his soldiers and enemies called him The God of Death.

Nevertheless, after his death, she found out the reason behind his overbearing persona, as well as how bad his temper was. It was all because he had something call affective psychiatric disorder, and it became very bad just before his death.

He could not control his emotions, causing him to be suspicious and paranoid. He even suffered from insomnia and headaches. Other than that, he was irritable and anorexic, causing further complications that arose as a result of these conditions.

Even so, his illness was not that serious right now. It was not so bad that he could not be cured, nor did it affect his daily life.

Nevertheless, after hearing that she had been bullied, Zhong Nuannuan knew that it would cause him to have another outburst.

She could not imagine what it was like to have your emotions affect your life so intensely. Still, her presence in his life was causing it to affect him.

Zhong Nuannuan’s heart tightened alongside the increasingly tense atmosphere in the car.

She did not know what to do with Chi Yang when he was like this.

Anxiously, she shifted her body and covered Chi Yang’s hand that was on the steering wheel with her hand. She had hoped to bring him back to sanity with the warmth of her touch.

In this life, she had another important mission, which was to heal him.

She wanted to make him feel happy, be safe, and live long without any illnesses.

He was trying so hard to suppress his outburst that Chi Yang’s fingers turned white as a result of his death grip on the steering wheel.

“Don’t be mad. I’m fine. That punishment was nothing to me. My waist and knees are fine. It was just ten hours; I could even do 100 hours without a problem. That inmate did not take advantage of me after this. Besides the first day, everything went very well. If you don’t believe me, you can pinch my cheeks. I got fat from eating so much in the detention center.”

She did not know if he needed any medication whenever he had an outburst. Nevertheless, she would not ask him, instead choosing to wait for him to freely tell her about it.

Therefore, she simply hoped that she could help calm him down by telling him that she was doing fine.

“Hey, the car’s going into the wrong lane.”

When Zhong Nuannuan came back to her senses after worrying about Chi Yang’s health, she noticed that their car had swerved into the other lane and was heading straight towards an oncoming car.

Chi Yang only noticed this after hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s screams, but…

His hands were frozen as his Nuannuan had just touched them!

She was the one that had initiated it!
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