My Boss, My First Love

My Boss, My First Love

My Boss, My First Love

Author:Qian Hui Comic



Newest:Chapter 1429 (2020-08-06 22:43)


A vacation, when the young lady, return home also ran into the fiance derailment. She disappeared in anger. Five years later, she returned with her talent Mengbao. When Xiaobao took part in the piano competition, he didn't expect that his son was still looking for his father's abacus. "This way, make me handsome! My name is Tang Bao, my mother is Tang Siyu, super beautiful! I am four and a half years old this year. I have a man who looks like me and may be my father. Please contact me! " Then he said to the camera, "Daddy, wait for you!" Backstage, some woman is mad. A few days later, the mysterious man called himself the father of the child. Tang Siyu looks at this tall and handsome man and her son. She is angry. He was the bastard who made her strong five years ago?

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